iPod Nano dead for good?

This morning my iPod Nano wouldn’t turn on at all, despite having had a full charge before I went to bed and having worked all day yesterday. I charged it at work and after a little while it came back to life of its own accord (resetting by holding menu + select did nothing).

After charging for a few hours I was able to use it for two hours or so at the gym, however, about an hour later it was down again and it remains dead. Plugging it into iTunes does nothing and iTunes doesn’t even know that there is anything plugged in.

Has this happened to anyone before? Is it dead forever?

Thanks in advance.

If neither a reset, nor charging it from another power source for at least a few hours fixes the problem, then your symptoms are describing a failing battery.

Fear not, start here:

And even if out of warranty, you can get a pretty quick and relatively cheap repair. You can also go the online route via a 3rd party. It’s your choice and balance of trust versus price.

Thanks, greatly appreciated.

Good luck John. Hopefully it’s just being finicky.

Looks doomed to me! Just before I go on holiday too!
Thanks again.

The menu+select reset worked for a friend of mine whose iPod had gone unresponsive, but it did take a few tries. I think it is a bit finicky about how you hold the buttons, and the instructions mention flipping the hold switch on and off beforehand, but I’m not sure if that’s really necessary or just to ensure people have it off.

Yeah, I have tried the reset a few times with no joy. I have a feeling Skipper’s right and it’s a battery thing. Thanks though!