Ipod problem

Today I noticed a problem with my ipod, at the main menu for it I have the options to go to the extras, to the settings, to shuffle songs and to turn on the backlight, but I can’t get to the menu of songs on it. I tried installing new software updates for it, but that didn’t work. I have no idea what to do, any help would be appreciated. It’s a 20gb clickwheel.

Do you mean that you don’t have the “music” option at the top of the main menu at all? Or that when you go in there, none of your songs appear?

Reset it.

Huh. I’m not quite sure about your problem just because these things translate so poorly to text, so I will try to cover all of it, hopefully without insulting your intelligence.

  1. Ensure that your menu is set up properly inside of settings (ie with the music folder “on”, etc).
  2. If that fails, do what xpav says and reset with by holding down the clicker and the menu touchpad together until it resets (5-15 seconds). I have yet to run into a problem this doesn’t fix, other than disk directory corruption. I can’t really see that causing your problem (more along the lines of songs “disappearing”), but as I randomly found out the other day, Windows XP can fix that on windows ipods with good old chkdsk. I found out by accident restarting with my ipod connected, and it helped with a lot of old mysteries.

Thanks for the help Lizard King, I feel really stupid now. It was that somehow the menu settings had gotten changed. Problem fixed.

Glad to be of service. It’s funny how it’s the most idiot proof devices that end up defying me because of a failure to experiment (eg ipod, electronic tv guides, etc).