iPod remote control

Could someone please recommend an iPod dock that has a remote control? I’ll be connecting it to a sound system either through the dock or the iPod’s stereo jack, so I don’t care about the speakers on the dock itself, or if it even has them. All I want is to have a remote control for the iPod. I have an iPod Video 80gb (not the Classic) if that matters.

I use an i.Sound Max as a dock at work for my 80gig 5G. It has built in speakers, but will also connect via USB to a PC to use as a dock, and comes with a small IR remote. The remote will control pause/play, song forward/backward, and album or playlist forward/backward. Never tried using the remote while docked.

I got it for about $30 on sale, that felt like a fair price. Buy.com currently has it for $45.