iPod Touch battery life

How long does your iPod Touch last? I have a first gen 32 GB model. I charge it over night, do nothing but play music on it at work, and I get about 8 hours of battery life. That seems pretty low, and I’m pretty sure it used to last longer. It’s connected to the wifi network, but I’m not actively using it, and email only checks every hour.

I called Apple, the guy on the phone said 8 hours seems low to him too, so I arrange a battery replacement, ship it off, and get the email today that they found nothing wrong with it and are shipping it back as is. Lame.

8 hours actually sounds about right. I know they claim 14 to 18 hours but I’ve never had an ipod of any time match its advertised play time on one charge and I’ve owned a lot of them.

Yeah, that doesn’t sound crazy bad. I found the wi-fi makes a big difference. I used to keep it switched on and checking email every 15 minutes and I’d only get a few of hours out of it, maximum.

Huh. Somehow I really just thought it used to last longer, but I guess I could be way off.

I think the strength of the wireless signal can also affect battery life. If the ipod has to struggle with a weak signal it will run out of power much faster than if it has a strong signal.

That’s my experience at least.

Ah, good to know. I’m in a lousy spot at the office for signal strength, maybe I oughta just not use the wifi at work at all. I’ll see if that makes a difference.

I’ve heard that keeping the Wi-Fi on even when not using it drains the battery quite fast compared to just having it off and no wi-fi.

Well, duh. Wi-fi is a huge drain.

Standby, just playing music a couple of hours a day in my daily travels, my iPod touch lasts a few days before I really need to recharge.

If I play tower defense games for a couple of hours, I’ll be in the red (about 20%).

If I leave Fring on overnight from full charge, I’ll be at 10-15% in the morning.

Yep shut off Wi-Fi.
I get maybe 12 hours with Wi-Fi off, about 7-8 with it on.

I agree with the crowd here. I got a Blackberry from work and at home I’m right on the edge (or just past) the network coverage. If I set it on my desk Friday evening it’s completely dead Monday morning just from sitting there (no use at all).

From what I understand Headphones can also impact your battery life. High impedance can drain the battery quicker than low impedance. Basically if your headphones have a high impedance they are more quiet and require more power (Volume) drive them. Which drains your battery quicker. Lower impedance are louder and require less power, saving your battery.

I just plug my headset in when I need to call at home, and of course for listening to music on the go. Since I’m doing development on mine, it’s getting the power it needs most of the time. It’s just easy to forget how little battery you have at other times :)

I easily get over 10-12 hours of battery life when listening to music and podcasts. But then again, I always keep wi-fi off and I have in ear headphones which cut off outside noise. So my volume is rarely above half or 2/3rds of the way up. Guess both those things help.