Ipod Touch video converter

Anyone know of a good program to convert various video files into itouch format? Broke down and bought one but itunes seems to only convert certain file types.


air video is awesome for only $2.99.

or use handbrake.

or xvid4psp v5.0 from www.winnydows.com.


Thanks for the links. I found handbrake, seems to work very well for converting flv to mp4.

For anything Handbrake can’t handle, MediaCoder will get you to a format that will help. You can’t go wrong with using both.

Someone here recommended both to me a while ago and they have been working without any issues.

Another vote for Handbrake. I’ve seen lots of recommendations elsewhere for Videora. Don’t use Videora. It sucks.

Had problems with Mediacoder, Handbrake worked like a charm.

I’m under the belief that Mediacoder requires an advanced degree in something, but I don’t even know what it is. I hobbled through conversion of something to a different format that Handbrake could use, but it could be avoided entirely if Handbrake accepted more video formats.