iPod video conversion solutions

so I got the new video iPod and it’s LOVELY. Converted some videos over already and it looks great.

Here’s the thing. All my iTunes music is kept on my PowerBook, but for video it seems the best option is to go through the PC. Videora has brought out a new iPod video converter very similar to PSPVideo9 that works great, and with DVD Decrypter added in there’s virtually nothing I can’t do.

BUT… as much as I’d like to update my iPod music from my PowerBook and the videos from my PC, I don’t think I can. The iPod will talk to both, but each time I plug it in to one machine it wants to wipe the contents transferred from the previous one in order to re-sync.

Is there any way to avoid this? Can an iPod sync with more than one computer at a time? Or do I need to consolidate all my music/video efforts onto one machine?

If so I guess my question is: what options are there for DVD decryption/iPod video conversion on the Mac? I’d love something as flawless (and free) as the Videora option, but so far I haven’t found anything.

I got the 60GB black ipod today myself. Lovely is indeed the operative word. I’ve also have been using Videora to convert my Colbert Report torrents for playback on the ipod during my commute next week.

You can sync the ipod with more than one computer, but you’ll have to avoid itunes on the PC. Ephpod http://www.ephpod.com/ (free) or the more robust, and less buggy, Anapod http://www.redchairsoftware.com/anapod/ (about $30) can both run on your PC and sync with the ipod using your file manager.

I don’t have a Mac, and can’t recommend converter solutions on that platform, but there’s an article about getting video on your ipod at Ars Technica:

I don’t think there was mention of a one step Mac solution, but you can check the comments. I imagine it won’t be long before an app fills the void.

Just turn off automatic sync. You need to tell iTunes you’ll manually add any new files on both machines.

Aah, thanks Denny. So does that mean I can add music to my iPod from my Mac and video from my PC, and switch back and forth without hassle?


It should. Back before I got rid of my iBook, I used to move content from both my desktop PC and the iBook to my iPod with no problems. The automatic settings are the problem – they tend to clear other content.