Ipod, you pod, we pod

OK so I’m tired of using ephpod to manage my iPod Photo. It doesn’t suck, per se, but it hasn’t been updated in forever, it doesn’t gracefully handle mp3s with borked tags, it doesn’t support audiobooks/audible.com as any more than regular mp3s, and it doesn’t support the photo capabilities of the iPod Photo for when I want to offload a few gigs from my digital camera. Plus, there is an extremely wide-spread issue with having to reopen, resave, and reclose ephpod occasionally for your songs to show up on the newer iPods.

So fuck it.

I’m looking for other non-iTunes software. Why? Because iTunes has some of its own problems such as no integration with my Windows shell or using my already-ready-already Winamp playlists or giving me “easy access” to the PDA type features of the iPod such as the little notes screen or calendar, and some unacceptable issues with transferring from the iPod to the PC (to protect those underdog content owners from nasty pirates).

So I’m looking at a “non-open source but I’ll pay $25 if it’s worth it” software called Anapod which supports all this stuff I want, doesn’t do the things I don’t want, and has active developers working on it. It has a ton of other cool features too, according to the website. So all this was just to ask: anyone here used Anapod? Anyone? Beuller?

I use Anapod, but I don’t have a photo, so can’t tell you about the photo stuff. I do use it for Audible, and it works fine. In fact, I prefer to use it to handle Audible rather than my PocketPC which just seems to always lose its rights management information and is a pain to fix. No problems with the iPod.

They have a trial don’t they? Just use the trail and try it out. You can always uninstall it. It’s no trouble.


Oh I will, I was just hoping for some anecdotes as well. I and a few others here have been big proponents of ephpod for years now, so I really didn’t know if anyone had tried anything else. Thanks Kevin.