iPoll - What's with the Macs?

So another person at work is getting a Mac – one of the Macbook Pros. I ask you – the technogamerati, what you think of this.

I think it’s awesome.

Again, if I wasn’t aware of the fact that first gen Apple notebooks are problematic, I think I’d have already picked up a new MacBook Pro.

Instead I’ll wait for the next generation, and the summertime rumoured price drops (due to Core Duo price drops in May).

I love me the OS X, and I’m eager to use it more often than I currently do. Windows will become my non-console gaming and Microsoft Project, and Visio OS, and that’s pretty much it.

I really need to upgrade my PC, and now it’s tempting to wait until the PowerMac replacements come out instead of building my own. But on the other hand, it’ll still be far cheaper to assemble one and I can pick the exact parts I want. I already have an iBook that I use for day-to-day tasks under OS X, and will probably replace it with another iBook down the road.

If I were trying to keep everything in a single system I’d be willing to grab another Mac, but I’ve essentially separated my gaming and non-gaming needs into different systems, and then I don’t really need OS X anymore on the gaming machine.

I’m a Mac use who keeps a blindfolded and gagged Winbox around to play games on (I never let it touch any data I actually care about). Last summer I rebuilt the Win machine and was fervently hoping it would be the last I’d ever need. Now that Apple-supported dual booting is a reality it looks like my hopes have been realised.

I think OS X is a joy to use and am happy to see more folks giving it a try.

I see that Apple’s stock price has jumped a ridiculous amount since the announcement. Even if Cringely and Dvorak have no clue, the market obviously gets it.

Apple has just pulled the trigger on the gun that will make them the #1 PC manufacturer in the world, and in the short run, consumers win: For no extra cost, you can buy a fast machine that runs all 3 major desktop OSes with movie-star looks from Apple, or pay the same amount and get less from anybody else. They are the only PC manufacturer that can bargain from a position of strength w.r.t. being a Windows OEM (which doesn’t really benefit them in the first place); this weakens Microsoft even if they never pre-install Windows on a single machine.

I am in awe of the foresight behind this move. I don’t know if they saw the pieces fall into place as they fell into place, or if they moved in this direction deliberately, but either way… brilliant.

Finder.app is catshit. But the rest is gold!

Hold the line!

I’m not getting a Mac, dammit, because they’re expensive, I can’t take them apart, and, well, I’ve invested too many years in telling everyone that I can do everything they can do on a PC!

Now get off my lawn!


I am getting absolutely shocked reactions from my family. My brother thought I was kidding about getting a mac until my mom told him also. My dad is utterly shocked, pointing out how I was “IBM” advocate back when I was high school and college.

We’ll see how my Mac experience goes – we might try getting my girfriend’s parents a Mac Mini, but a lot of that depends on if we can convince ourselves that making her parents switch to a Mac and learn new applications is worth it. She’s currently running Windows 98, so anything is going to be a change, but I’m looking at what she likes to do (photos, I’m sure she’ll be doing movies of her grandkids), and a Mac looks like a good fit.

As for me, I want my Mac already. I think I’ll go buy and Apple Airport and get that setup in advance.

Why pay $3,000 for an pretty Asus (or whatever Taiwanese blandufacturer) laptop when you can buy an ugly one for $2,500? OS X is it, right?

Dude pass some of that herb over here!

XP on the mac is GREAT, except for one small issue. I cannot put my 7900GT card in it. Now, if Apple - when they come out with the intel Powermacs - says “Hey guys, you can bring your own Nvidia or ATI card” then I’m 110% sold. I just can’t see Oblivion at max settings happening smoothly on an X1600.

Amen to that. I love my iBook, yes I do, yes I do. But Finder sucks balls harder than Bill D’s ex-roomie.

I figure that this is a big reason why Spotlight, the Dock and Exposé are such must-haves on the Mac – each, in one way or another, helps cover the mass deficiencies of Finder. Only since about 10.4.5 has Finder fixed the bug where you had to have the same username on an SMB/CIFS share as your own username if you wanted to “remember my password” when connecting, and that’s been a known issue since 10.2.

I get around Finder’s deficiencies by using it as rarely as possible.

The best browser app I’ve used, bar none, is KDE’s Konqueror, but a lot of that is because I use it at work when programming – having the file directory, web pages, bugzilla, CVS browsing, RSS feeds, remote SSH directories and nicely formatted man and info pages all in separate tabs in one window is cool beyond words.

I just bought a Macbook Pro (pretty well loaded). Like, just bought. Over the weekend.

It came down to this: I’ve been in the market for a reasonable-weight notebook with a decent graphics processor, but nobody seems to want to make them. If it ain’t 8 lbs (with battery) it’s got integrated graphics, or at best some sort of Turbocache thingy.

Apple just happens to make a 5.5lb (with battery) notebook with a nice Core Duo chip and honest-to-god Radeon X1600 (the mobile variant, slower than an X1600 Pro) with 256MB of graphics RAM. And thanks to Boot Camp, it’s Windows compatible.

I don’t like that you can’t build your own Mac or swap out any parts you like, but that’s not much of an option with a notebook, anyway.

So yeah, I paid more for my notebook, but it is Teh Sexy, runs great, and can run (is running, actually) both OS X and Windows.

Plus, I wanted to get more familiar with OS X. I know my way around it, but not as well as I’d like. The more I dig into it, the more I’m finding both things to love and things to hate. Little joys and little warts. Kinda like Windows. shrug

Jason, that pretty much covers the reasons why I’d pick up an Apple laptop now. I don’t foresee abandoning my hombrew gaming desktop PC’s, but laptops are another story. They’re pretty much closed systems regardless of the OS, so if cost is somewhat comparable, an Apple is really the way to go.

If you don’t like finder and you think the dock is weak, you really should look at…


It’s almost as if it was made by Brad Wardell.*

(*isn’t… but if you have objectdock+ you’ll be right at home.)

Dragthing is more of a Dock replacement than a Finder replacement. I have no problems with the Dock.

I’m basically waiting around for KDE 4.0, since it’ll have native support for every OS. Then, I can just recompile it for Mac Quartz Extreme!!!one!! and never worry again.

Well, it’s not price-comparable with other Napa-based laptops with similar hardware - you do pay a little price premium for the Apple. But you also save a little weight and get better industrial design (by far). Of course, it was worth the price premium to run, natively, the two OSes I care most about on a single laptop.

I expect you either can, or will be able to, in short order, slap linux on there as well.