Iran: Tea Partiers Are Cool

Tea Party groups plan strike on Obama’s inauguration - from PressTV, the Iranian government’s propaganda arm aimed at Western audiences.

At first blush, this alignment does sort of make sense. After all, Ahmadinejad does have fairly conservative views regarding the place of faith in the public sector, and is strong on crime and public disorder.

However, Ahmadinejad’s government does have a history of runaway deficit spending which the tea partiers should keep in mind. And most damning: Iran has universal, government-funded health care.

(The scurrilous rumors of Ahmadinejad, like Obama, being a closet Muslim aren’t worthy of discussion.)

A strike? As in, not showing up to work? Maybe they’ll…form a union next?

I did learn from the first link that we have the best health care system in the world, so that’s something.