Iranian government really is that stupid (fake stealth plane)

This is embarrassingly bad:

Before reading any input I could already see many problems with this so-called jet:

#1 - All the messages are in English instead of Farsi.

#2 - They have a car CD player to help fill out the cockpit?

#3 - No exhaust nozzle?

#4 - Normal paint on either wood or fiberglass (look at the 9th pic in the series and inside the cockpit it totally looks like the inside shell of a cheap boat ~ fiberglass).

#5 - The "test’ flight they show looks like the exact same trajectories an RC jet plane uses. The plane is almost always on it’s side and never stays perfectly parallel to the ground.

They’re trolling us, for some purpose.

For the lulz is reason enough, really. Can’t blame 'em. We’re way too uptight for our own good. I’d troll us, too.

I bet its made out of paper mache.

That thing violates so many aerodynamic laws that pretty much the only way it could fly is you strap a rocket to its ass. Jeez, look at the crazy thickness of the leading edges of the wings, or the insane placement of the canards to the main lifting surface, or the tiny inlets on top of the fuselage (insane for any fighter design; you choke the engines of oxygen with any halfway serious angle of attack). It’s also ridiculously tiny, that thing probably would have enough fuel for an hour flight. Meanwhile, where the hell do you stow the weapons??? Hang them on the wing, and you defeat the purpose of a stealth aircraft.

And, yes, if it’s fiberglass, it’ll literally melt or break apart.

That’s on top of all the other issues that have been pointed out. Revel made more convincing models when it was pulling ideas out of its ass of what the F-19 looked like.

We may need to steal the prototype. Does Clint Eastwood speak Farsi?

Damn it, Jag! You’re going to get Clint killed. He has to be able to THINK in Farsi.

The man speaks fluent Chair. He can handle Farsi.

Maybe it’s the air force trolling Ahmadinejad.

This isn’t for sophisticated readers worldwide, or even for technical people in the Arab and Persian world. It’s for the regional uneducated equivalent of Fox TV viewers who will simply swallow what they’re told if the news comes from some source they identify with. If Fox presented that plane as being a major threat, superior to modern US fighters, I daresay most of their viewers would believe it too.

That would be hilarious.

Did any of you watch the press release with the Persian Air Force, lead engineer and Amjenibabd? You know when someone says such a whopper of a lie and they can only stare straight ahead keeping an iron face or they’ll give it away? That whole press conference is that.

Even if I were a moronic Fox News viewer, I’d have to question why the US Air Force would decide to put all our jet labels in Russian instead of English.

It’s either a lame denial and deception campaign, or they are trying to distract us while they do something else; get our Iran analysts trying to understand WTF they are doing while they do something more important.

Well, there is that. Maybe it’s an aviation standard. What do Saudi or Syrian fighter markings look like? Looking up some random images off the net, I see those countries seem to have some Latin alphabet markings on their planes too.

I love how accessible they made all the switches and knobs on the right console panel.

After this, they unveil the Iranian space program:

I liked the comments on Iran’s Press TV who ignore reality and want to unleash their kiddie ride on the Israeli F-15s and US F-22’s right now.

#2 - They have a car CD player to help fill out the cockpit?

It’s for playing “The Danger Zone” while engaging in dog fights.

Feb 2, 2013 10:37 PM
Guess what the pure filth which is Western Zionist Rat owned media has come out and said about this wicked piece of machinery. The first thing they do is nock it and discredit it’s power and effectiveness, as if they have a clue about it’s potential. GOOFS. Nice job boys, keep it up. These rats call their pure terrorist armed robbery military machine Defense! Do not let any nation touch your soil and resources, if they do, ensure WW3 starts. PERIOD. I support any nation who has a military to protect it’s soil, any nation who has a military who flies half way round the world and murders unarmed ppl is worthless in my eyes.
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Who cares?in reply to OH THE GARBAGE IS UNBAREABLE
2/3/2013 12:34:10 AM
Do you care about zionist rat and joe publics? ,Let them bark ,as long as they only bark but don’t bite there is no problem! :)

Zionism Must End!in reply to R A FEIBEL
2/3/2013 4:18:59 AM
In IsraHELL-Gaza war, we all saw that the “Best” of the western technology could NOT stand a chance and IsraHELL-ites “BEGGED” for mercy. Where the Palestinian had in their arsenal’s only some of the least sophisticated Iranian military tech. What the Iranian pilots may lack in Combat times, they have certainly & obviously have proven to make up for in intelligence; time & again!!! 1st: Iranian forces have downed their “Most Advanced Technological Wonders”; IRQ-170 Drone (first in enemy’s arsenal). 2nd: Iran’s defensive lines have invariably detected their smallest movements all across Iranian borders. 3rd: the Iranian interceptor missiles can track & stop enemy’s missiles & fighter jets “Cold” right in the sky! 4th: By evading their “Highly Advanced” radar systems in IsraHELL as Hezbollah proved the entire job is left for these Advanced Fighters would be to just “Sweep Up” what’s left of the enemy’s scrap piles.