Iraq is going to work itself out

Looks like we’ve finally gotten the event that should trigger civil war and resolve this whole mess one way or another.

General crux: After the mosque bombing yesterday, the Shiites have attacked/burned 27 Sunni mosques, killed 4 imams, and are generally displeased.

So, the good news is that the security situation is about to be taken out of our hands. Like the British at the end of the Raj, we’ll be saying “Man, that’s a lot of brown folks out there.” And I anticipate our forces will turtle inside the green zone while the mobs work this out. The army is already helpless to stop the violence, and will probably join in shortly.

Or maybe not. But my spidey-sense is tingling like when I saw Katrina blowing up the Gulf.


Update 30 minutes later: over fifty mosques attacked/burned, over 100 dead, apparently indiscriminate killings.


Yeah, I read about the bomings and reprisals this morning and heard about it some more in the car this morning on NPR. They had a BBC guy on the ground who said people were regularly using the words “civil war.” If that’s the case, it might not be a bad idea to “turtle up” and let them fight it out.

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Have there been any decent articles that projected what such a civil war might look like? Like, how long are we going to have to turtle up? What’s the country gonna look like afterwards?

God Bless America.

… and nobody else.

Burn motherfucker burn.

It will look like three countries.

I think this should be the final indicator that the US never really had a real chance of bringing peace and such to Iraq. Too much religion.

I’d put money on blighted wasteland to the south, with a newly-rich Kurdistan to the North.


So is this going to be like Lebanon times 10 or what?

I just can’t understand why they don’t get on board with what we want.

Paging Daniel Morris. Dr. Morris please report to the red courtesy phone.

The “three countries” thing sounds nice…

…but what happens when Turkey sees a long-dreaded Kurdish free state on it’s southeastern border? How long until they invade under some pretext?

Or: How long until the Shi’a turn to the Iranians for help, while the Sunnis try to drag Syria into the mix?

It ain’t good.

The solution has always been and will always be a giant wall around the middle east, so that no weapons fire manages to escape those territories. And then, yes, let them work it out.

The powder keg has been ignited.

Or: How long until the Shi’a turn to the Iranians for help, while the Sunnis try to drag Syria into the mix?

That’s exactly what has me worried.

Pentagon to Iraq:

“Na na na, we can’t hear you!”

he US military rejected the idea of a brewing civil war in
Iraq, saying the number of confirmed major attacks on mosques across the country were only seven.

Major General Rick Lynch, spokesman for the coalition forces in Iraq, said the military had recorded attacks on seven Sunni mosques since the bombing of the revered Shiite shrine in Samarra on Wednesday.

“As of now seven attacks on mosques across Iraq have taken place that resulted in damage to mosques, two Sunni imams (prayer leaders) and one Sunni sheikh were murdered,” Lynch told reporters, playing down the sectarian strife.

Some drive-by shootings against mosques have been reported … that’s where we are. So we are not seeing civil war igniting in Iraq. We are not seeing 77, 80, 100 mosques damaged in Iraq. We are not seeing death on the streets.”

I couldn’t believe it when I first read about destruction of the mosque. That’s just so over the top, it’s unbelievable.

Well to be honest we couldn’t even get hurricane Katrina stories straight, what with the “Cannabalism in the Superdome” and “Black Hawk Down, Creole Style” stories we that flooded the internets…