Iraq museum looting : another round of lies


Remember that headline “only 33 stolen” bit? Turns out that was just the “priceless” ones. 6,000 non-priceless (in other words, a ton of items that there’s more that one of - I imagine two pharoah’s death masks would qualify) were stolen.

Why is it we’re seeing a consistent pattern of “encouraging headline,” followed up by “whoops, completely wrong” details?

uh…because news media outlets are more concerned with injecting ‘spin’ and being first, than report news…DUH!

Give the fake good news first, then the real bad news in a single sentence at the end. Like an afterthought.

That’s the “news.”

Ain’t media monopoly grand? I owe my edumacation to it!

You can thank your fellow countryman Rupert Murdoch for the majority of that.

Except for now the FCC is actually aiding and abetting these guys in consolidating the world media. Fifty years ago in the evil 1950’s this sort of thing was considered bad for nations - before nations got outlawed themselves.

Notice how in James Bond movies, the authorities are always assisting James Bond and working for the common good the best way they know how? Ever wonder what would happen if the governments themselves were assisting the supervillains? Who could stand against them?

I read where some of the cabinets and cases holding the art works and craft works were actually unlocked. Now this suggests two possibilities to me: A) Saddam made yet another withdrawl like he did from the treasury. Or B) there were art collectors who saw it coming and paid employees to grab some stuff.
I’m not saying that’s ALL what happened, I’m just saying there are some sides to this you aren’t looking at.