Iraq opinion finally turns

And check this out: on the situation in Iraq he has gone from 61 percent approval/36 percent disapproval in early January (+25) to 46 percent approval/53 percent disapproval (-7) today. That’s a swing of 32 points in less than a month.

[quote]Finally, consider this result: when asked “All in all, do you think it was worth going to war in Iraq or not?” (note there is no mention of the war’s costs), public sentiment is now split right down the middle, 49 percent to 49 percent. Just three weeks ago, that question was at +21 (59 percent to 38 percent) in favor of the war being worth it./quote]

The glow of capturing Saddam is wearing off and the budget and manpowere numbers are still climbing. Has anyone else figured out we have doubled the number of men in Iraq thanks to the “rotation to bring troops home?”

In addition, just 37 percent say they would vote to re-elect Bush, compared to 43 percent who say they would definitely vote against him. That’s down from 41 percent definitely re-elect to 33 percent definitely vote against a month ago. And political independents by 2:1 now say they will defiiniely vote against Bush, rather than for him.


While I’m thrilled by this development, I still have to ask… what the hell is going on?

Bush stole the election… no big deal
Bush behaves like a coward during 9/11… who cares?
Enron collapses… complicated issues confuse me
Bush pushes us into a stupid, pointless pre-emptive war… USA #1!!!
WMD’s fail to materialize… we really invaded for humanitarian reasons.
February is beginning… maybe Bush isn’t such a great guy after all.

I’ve never had a very high opinion of Americans, but this is even more nuts than usual.

In addition, just 37 percent say they would vote to re-elect Bush, compared to 43 percent who say they would definitely vote against him. That’s down from 41 percent definitely re-elect to 33 percent definitely vote against a month ago. And political independents by 2:1 now say they will defiiniely vote against Bush, rather than for him.

Clearly some people don’t quite understand the meaning of “definitely”.

There are a number of very legitimate criticisms of Bush, which have been steadily denied and/or ignored by pro-Bush partisans. Typically the defense of Bush has been “that’s just a partisan attack or class warfare or hatred of Bush by hard-left extremists”. This defense has been used even in the face of some objectively serious problems: record deficits, a serious and measurable decline in American standing with many of our longstanding allies, an increasing perception that Bush was substantially deceptive about WMDs, and a significant increase in perceived economic insecurity (this last is more subjective than objective but widespread enough to count IMO). The typical political defenses have worked up to a point but as the evidence against Bush has continued to mount, the defenses have begun to ring hollow. This has been coming for months IMO: I’ve felt ever since the Valerie Plame story began to leak out that the real face of this administration would eventually be exposed. And as people realize “hey the Bush defenders were full of crap about WMDs”, then they start to think “Hey, I wonder if the accusations against Bush about tax cuts, dirty politics, foreign relations, etc etc are true”. I actually think we haven’t seen the bottom of the Bush trough. Its the breaking of the dike IMO.

There is another factor which is that the Demos are currently getting a boost from the primary process and the fact that many voters are now getting a first close look at Kerry and Edwards, who are definitely more appealing candidates than those who were previously in the minds of non-political-junkies (Dean, Hilary and Gore), for a variety of reasons. So as interest in Demos goes up, Bush begins to look relatively less appealing.

One more big dynamic is that after 9/11 a LOT of people supported Bush simply b/c he was the country’s leader and they felt supporting the leader was the right thing to do in a time of crisis. But now that the electoral cycle is giving people a chance to choose a new leader, Bush is losing some of that teflon mantle and people are re-assessing.

And no matter what you think of Bush ideologically if you measure the man by his individual accomplishments and individual talents, he just doesnt measure up.


Amen. Frankly, I think this administration will go down in history as being even more corrupt and morally bankrupt than the Taft administration.

I wouldn’t be too hard on Americans, though I get dismayed from time to time myself - but who doesn’t? Fact of the matter is we’ve got it pretty good even as bad as the economy is, which means we’re not worried enough to pay attention, and most of us work incredible hours - many in addition to trying to raise a family, which means we’re usually so busy or drop dead tired that paying attention tends to be a quick look at the evening news even when we’re so inclined.

We tend to be independant minded, we think at least, and cynical, to the point of being an excuse not to learn enough about issues and policies to be truly independant minded. Oh, and we’re always right unless we come up with a good excuse for why our being wrong is somebody else’s fault.

That last point is the chink in Bush’s armor. Even many conservatives have serious issues with aspects of Bush’s presidency and some, like issues of privacy, freedom to associate, and free speech, are those that also concern many liberals. Middle of the road folks are starting to form nascent worries about the Bush that is appearing vs. the Bush they voted for, and plainspeaking wartime president, and doggedly defend against biased liberal critics. As soon as the extent of the disinformation of the Bush machine is made plain by anyone other than Mother Jones or Move On, I think people will take a startled gander at how badly they’ve been manipulated, repeatedly, and find it extremely easy to blame Bush himself for their failure to understand Bush’s real agenda and operating style in the first place.

That -is- a bottomless pit. Hope Russert does his job this weekend.

I was amazed to be flipping thru Us Weekly over the weekend and see where the Chairman of the Republican Party called out Gwyneth Paltrow for being unpatriotic because she made a negative comment on the president and the current state of the US. I am sorry but that is just the sort of bullshit that makes me hate the Bush administration. It is not unpatriotic to not agree with the President of the country. In fact it is your constitutionally guaranteed right to disagree, and to vote against him and to speak out about it. This pasting over of constitutional illegalities behind the cover of a “terrorist” war is the biggest crime of his administration in my opinion.

I believe it was Dr. Johnson would said that “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” Although “scoundrels” would be more appropriate here.

I love Dr. Johnson. He had this amusing quote about our Revolution:

“How is it that we hear the loudest yelps for liberty among the drivers of Negroes?”

He also said:

“I am willing to love all mankind, except an American”

The chaiman of the RNC actually bothered to attack Paltrow? Jesus, they must be getting desparate.

You forgot:

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