Iraqi President Down For the Count


“Iraqi President Jalal Talabani was placed in the intensive care unit of a Jordanian hospital today after doctors put a catheter into his heart, hospital officials told CNN.”

Doctors put a catheter in his heart? Holy geez! That’s a lawsuit! Those doctors should be arrested for almost killing him!

You really aren’t a doctor are you?

(or are you objecting the report that they inserted the catheter and first then placed him in intensive care?)

I think he’s making fun of CNN’s phrasing.

So it’s funny because it reads like the catheter is the cause and not the solution to whatever his ailment is?

Hahahhhhh… not really.

He pees from his heart? I’ve heard of finger-peeing, but heart-peeing?

See, that’s what I thought Del meant, which would make him ‘not a doctor’.

A cathether isn’t just for urine and there’s times where you’d insert one in the atrium.

Has anyone blamed Iran yet?

I blame Iran.

Thank you! I can always count on those pesky Danes to stir up the Middle East.

I blame England.

Not us, if it was our healthcare system he’d still be on a gurney in a corridor somewhere.

To be fair, he did train in Florida.

In the US, some doctor would probably be berating him into saying that he works around nuclear material which caused his condition.

Or the doctor would have done something mildly gay, and then walk away lost in his own thoughts. Doo-do-do-do-do-doo, do-do-do-do-do, do-doooo.

Hanzii are serious cat. DrDel posts are serious thread.

(no pic because I’m too lazy to find it)

Thank you. Someone get’s it.