Iraqi Ships w/ Suspected WMDs -- Whatever Happened to Them?

I remember hearing about a month ago about a trio of Iraqi cargo ships which had supposedly left Iraq shortly before the UN inspectors arrived and were, as of a month ago, sailing around in the open sea under radio silence (see this story for more). the US was supposedly tracking these ships but wasn’t going to intercept them for fear that they would dump their (presumably WMD-related) cargo.

If I recall correctly, the story was picked up by all the wires, was the hot topic of the hour, and then dropped.

Now that we’re at war, has anyone heard anything more about those ships? Was this a hoax, or is it real news and we’re just not hearing about it anymore?


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They’re lying at the bottom of the ocean, leaking their cargo and creating monsters with mouths full of hot dogs.

Thats what happened


Assume it was proganda. They need that evidence so much that if it existed we would have seen it.