Iratus - Like Darkest Dungeon but different

Sadly I found out about this after the Kickstarter for it, thankfully it hit the goal AND has a free demo available.

It’s very similar, but overall I think I might like it a bit better. Different theme, magic system, etc, but at it’s core it’s pretty much the same game.

Demo link is near the top.

A bit different? Heh, I guess imitation is a form of flattery.

I like it. It has a great look and feel and the concept of building your units with bits that have stats to create a greater whole is a fun kind of crafting system, plus there is a big skill tree and loot and it seems more like a long form RPG than Darkest Dungeon’s small run style, so I think it will play a bit differently. I’ll probably not back it, but I will look forward to it on Steam some day.

I’ve been following this game since its Steam page went live and like what I’ve read and seen. I didn’t back its KS, but look forward to seeing how it builds on DD. Guess I’ll give the demo a spin!

The art style looks nice but a bit… busy? But yeah, it’s darkest dungeon. They don’t seem to keep any of the psychological elements, though.

in what way? there is the stress mechanic just like in DD, I guess you just lose the passive mental disorders

Well I guess from what I see the enemies have a stress bar, which isn’t quite the same because they’ll be dead by the end of the battle anyway.

The sales argument for DD was that your team would develop their own foibles, but it doesn’t make sense for a skeleton to get scared, develop quirks, fears, etc.

Wow, surprised they could get away with such a blatant ripoff. OTOH it’s not a bad game. I’d pick it up for the right price.

I’m not seeing why some folks are calling this a ripoff of DD. Sure there are similarities in the side scrolling combat presentation and some of the dark look of the art, but much of the DD game is focused on managing teams of heroes and upgrading buildings in the hamlet. This doesn’t seem to have any of that and instead seems to be about a necromancer escaping his prison. What am I missing?

added to wishlist …nice find

The more I play the demo the more I like it. Maybe even more than DD.

I felt the same way. I ended up liking it a lot better and even prefer the art style as well. I’ll miss the narrator though ;)

Getting close to EA launch

Was just watching someone play this on Twitch and it looks phenomenal. I’m hoping I will like this even though I found DD too stressful to want to play.

free demo is available. I quite enjoyed the demo and am hopeful I will like it

I’ve had this on my wishlist for the longest of times now, and forever wondering when it would be available. It reached the point where last steam sale I thought about removing it. I am so glad this game is progressing and hope it turns out well. The theme and art style have me sold already,

I thought the Demo showed promise but also that they really needed to work hard in some areas of the game. They’ve taken their time so hopefully that has happened.

I found this amusing let’s play series by Rhapsody last night. This is now a likely first day purchase for me.

The RNG of DD was so infuriating because I liked everything else about DD.

Iratus borrows heavily from DD, do folks have any sense about the RNG/rage quit factor in this game?

I don’t know whether to curse you or praise you @Coldsteel. My gaming tastes run similar to yours and I just don’t have much time for gaming these days.

So thanks for flagging this, but