Irish Punk/Rock/Anything Music for the Holiday

I’m throwing together a play list to celebrate, this weekend, and I’d like some suggestions. So far, I have:
[li]Dropkick Murphys[/li][li]Flogging Molly[/li][li]The Pogues[/li][li]Celtic Women/Enya/Loreena McKennitt/etc[/ul]I’d like more edgy folk music, if I can find it. Some of it, not surprisingly, I guess, comes out of northern Kentucky Appalachia (a recent band, King of Leon, is a good example). I could do with less of the Enya vibe, but some of that is pretty good for flavor, when you add it to the mix.[/li]
If you’ve got suggestions that aren’t specifically Irish (i.e. there’s a Scotch/Canadian guy named Ashley McIsaac that’s pretty good), that’s fine, we’ll have to forgive you this time around.

/goes off to fight Red Danaher after a few pints.

Yes. The Murphys, some Pogues and a little Celtic Woman. That’ll flow.

Shane, what do you think of that?


The Prodigals are also good.

Dropkick Murphy’s are basically your edgy folk music. I have nearly all of their music, and I enjoy it quite a lot.

Otherwise… Try searching Myspace for edgy irish music.

I’m still not sure what you’re looking for, but here are some Iriah bands: Therapy?, Ash, The Divine Comedy, The Undertones, My Bloody Valentine, The Frames…

But it sounds like you’re looking for punk bands that sing Irish ballads or something. You might as well just get the usual drinking songs like Home for a Rest and Seven Drunken Nights.

Early Spirit Of The West (the guys who do the Canadian drunken travel anthem, “Home For A Rest”) are key, especially the first two albums.

Weddings, Parties, Anything was a folk/celtic flavoured band from Australia in the 80s who had some awesome records, and a great song about being drunk at a shitty disco in Halifax called “Knockbacks In Halifax”.

The Pogues, obviously. Just make sure you edit out the suicidally depressing songs like “The Band Played Waltzing Maltilda”.

Another great track: Bob Geldof’s hilarious “The Great Song Of Indifference”, a Celtic rocker with some brilliant lyrics.

Oh, and of course The Waterboys’ Fisherman Blues album. And Whole Of The Moon. More overtly rocky than the Pogues, but no less awesome.

The Tossers are a pretty decent band. They can be a lot of fun sometimes.

I have this album and it’s a really good collection of irish music by various artists.

I would also separately mention The Corrs as being a great irish band.

Flogging Molly are from LA. Dropkick Murphys are from Quincy, Massachusetts.
Just HAD to mention it :)
(They’re still cool, but about as authentic as an Irish pub in Oslo)

But they play Irish folk/punk fusion music, which is primarily what I’m after.

At no point was I saying “Oh, and by the way, don’t specifically suggest anything beyond the border of Ireland. I see you over there, ready with your Isle of Man Revue CD…YOU’RE NOT WELCOME.”

Some Great Big Sea songs might fit this too - like “The Night That Pat Murphy Died”

Oh, come now. I propose the contrary opinion that if you aren’t signing suicidally depressing Pogues songs by the time last call rolls around on St. Patrick’s Day then, well, you just aren’t doing it right. But I may be slightly biased.

Yeah. There’s not a whole lot of Irish to be found in Boston. Not at all.

the dubliners! and try flatfoot 56


Might as well go eat some fantastic Irish pub food at Bennigans or Houlihans…

Hello, did someone say Irish folk?

They have a broad spectrum of songs, both folk and filk, but they do have an album just for Irish songs.

The Dubliners are just amazing. As are the Chieftains, but in a different way.

Aye, Dropkicks are great and really all you need. Also check out Swingin’ Utters and The Real Mackenzies for more. Some of Authority Zero’s stuff has a bit of an Irish influence, too.