IRMA or what am I doing in Florida!!

I mentioned elsewhere that my new position had me move to the Orlando, FL area.

Been here about three weeks and now facing IRMA! We still have boxes left to unpack! : )

Anyway to anyone else in the path of this hurricane wanted to give best wishes. Currently we are planning on staying. Our house is going through the inspection/repair stage ready to close and it seems to also be in the path of he storm in SC.

I do live close to CoolStuffInc now which could be bad or good for my board gaming habit.

So when the looting starts, we’ll know where to find you! Everybody else will be after the food and batteries.

Good luck riding it out and I hope you and your family stay safe and don’t suffer property damage.

Made it through our first Florida Hurricane!

We did have some of the apartment windows leaking (I think the caulking is really bad - the windows are old but I am renting for a year so not much I can do about it). I will pass it on to the landlord/agent when things calm down.

I really thought we would lose power but we were blessed and kept our power. I know there is still some worry about hanging trees and flooding so I suppose power lines are still in jeopardy and will be for a while.

Our internet went off about midnight but I did reboot the router and to my surprise the internet came back. Go figure!

We did have one tornado warning with a siting in our county. Hid in the windowless bathroom for the 30 minute time frame. We had tornado warnings in SC about once a year too so this was not something that strange to us.

Funny, the last time we moved from NJ to SC we were in the middle of Sandy. Now when we moved from SC to FL we had Irma to contend with.

Best wishes to anyone dealing with the aftermath in FL & Caribbean or in the current path in Georgia/SC etc.