Iron Maiden Dance of Death

This is a fantastic album, melodic yet reminiscent of the 80’s maiden… Bruce still has the pipes to belt it out… Up the irons!

I’ve really gotta pick this up. Got back into Maiden this past summer and rebought almost all of the Dickinson era remastered CDs. Also gotta catch up to 2000 and finally buy Brave New World, too.

They’ve remastered the 80s stuff? I used to love them back then…

Only about 10 times. It seems like there are always new box sets or reissues of the albums when I go to the cd store. :P

I wasn’t too impressed with the new album. Some good songs here and there, but it was no Powerslave or Balls to Picasso. Maybe Bruce should have continued his solo career.

I don’t know how this bodes for Halfords return to Priest. I was really starting to enjoy Resurrection.

You should check out a some of Bruce’s solo stuff with Tribe of Gypsies, if you haven’t already… ie: Chemical Wedding, Accident of Birth…

Dance of Death kicks ass, oldschool Maiden with Adrian Smith and Bruce Dickinson back in the fold… Can’t wait to catch them live next year… It’ll be almost 20 years since I saw them last…

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