Iron Ruler, TB strategy by OlderBytes

Hello everyone,

Several years back I timidly wrote a post about my first game, Swords and Sorcery - Underworld, and was very surprised by the warm reception from Tom Chick and readers alike. It has since made its way to Steam, gone through several iterations and updates and led me to start work on both a sequel (Swords and Sorcery - Sovereign, which was greenlit and should finally be finished soon), and an entirely different title called Iron Ruler.

IR is of much smaller scope. It recreates a board gaming vibe and is comparable to old classics like Empire and Lords of Conquest. It is somewhat similar to Risk, but more complicated.

It is currently stuck in greenlight limbo, and since I’m hoping for it to clear before Greenlight gets shut down, I thought I’d ask once more for your support :)

You’ll find a video and a quick explanation of gameplay. The rules about how units work together are what makes the game stand out from other games it can be compared to. It’s no XCOM. It’s a side project meant to scratch a very specific itch, but it’s a lot of fun and it’ll be priced well under $5. I’ve spent a few evenings playing with friends and yes, fights have been started. Insults have been thrown. It does the job :)

Please do stop by and upvote if it sounds like something you’d enjoy!

Your Steam Greenlight link seems to be dead.

Edit: Ah! You fixed it!

Yes there just had to be a fail, it wouldn’t be me otherwise :p

No problem. You mentioned “Empire” so you have my attention!

Added my support! Best wishes with the project.

Thanks :)

It is comparable to Empire, although I did not know that until I was told and watched Matt Barton’s video about it. It is still quite different. No tanks… Just making sure my name dropping does not lead to disappointment.

I don’t know how many times I played that until the sun came up. My friend and I would hotseat that game and I’d read a magazine while he took his turn.

Hey, did someone say Empire?! Hi guys!

robc04 I have similar memories with Lords of Conquest, although a game wouldn’t typically last as long as what I’ve seen of Empires. Anyway, recreating those old Apple ii memories is what I started OlderBytes for.

Hello BrianRubin :)

Empire and Empire Deluxe were my jams back in the day.

Good candidates for the Beer & Pretzels thread too!

growing up we always had wooden rulers


This is absolute magic. Not even replying to anyone, just a 4 year necro thread to talk about wooden rulers, for seemingly no reason. Ah, no, I see - it’s a pun based off the game’s title. So good!

This better be some horny allegories or I’m disappointed.