Iron Sky 2


I only have a vague recollection of the first… but sequel incoming!

Sarah Palin (hey, Tom!)… nukular war… Lizard Hitler… T-Rex…

Can it possibly be any good? Or will it be so bad it wraps around to good?


The first one ended up being pretty boring after a gloriously stupid first half hour.


Man, I thought this said Iron Giant 2. /SAD


Yeah, we maybe got 20 minutes in before turning it off. That said, the Iron Sky Invasion game? Not half bad, oddly enough.


I saw the first movie probably 4 times between different friends, it got worse each time I saw it. But the first viewing was ok.


I love the idea of you intending to show your children Iron Giant and instead firing up Iron Sky.



So this is coming out next year!


Apparently they’ve learned nothing from Kung Fury. Is that trailer even trying to be funny? It almost looks like they’re just going for straight formulaic action movie… with moon Nazis.


Interesting how it looks like the budget has actually gone up with each installment.


The first film was fun for about 20 minutes, when it was really playing up the silliness, but then it kind of just petered out.


Looks like:

??? (Cheney maybe?)
Margaret Thatcher
Pope (Alexander VI?)
Genghis Khan
Idi Amin
Zuckerberg (lol)
Putin (kneeling)
Kim Jong Il

IMDB also identifies Caligula and Steve Jobs as part of the villains. Maybe one of them is the lizard person above Putin.

There’s also a Part 3 on the way. Maybe we can look forward to Trumpasaurus and Arachnoreagan for that one.


So 2019…



Weird that they made Bayonetta the president of the United States.


Oh man, the folks that didn’t like the liberties Overlord took with World War 2 are gonna have puppies over this.