Ironclad Tactics - Civil War! Robots! Cards!

From the studio that made Space Chem!

a “real-time, card-based tactics game set in an alternate history Civil War – with steam-powered military robots.”

Video preview thing:

Dear Developers (in general),

Screenshots are how I get excited about your game. It’s not about pretty graphics – it’s about understanding the type of game, the UI, the style, etc.


-Someone Who Thinks This Particular Game Sounds Good In Theory But Has No Idea What to Think Because You Don’t Give a Single Screenshot Anywhere That I Can Find.

Sounds great, except for the “real-time” part.

Sounds less sleep inducing than Space Chem at least.


That looks cool, but also… uh, turn based? AP?

Ahh, thank you. That looks great. I can let myself be excited now.

Yeah, but have a look at what appears to be a timer in the lower-left.
The board layout reminds me of Samurai Bloodshow…looks like it might scroll.
I like the sound of a single-player campaign and co-op.

Well? No?

I can get behind this

Is Civil War with robots a thing now? We had a game with that setting last year. Kinda similar to the American Revolution on Mars from just before that.

The Tredegar Iron works could not have possibly supplied sufficient robots of this quality. This lack of realism is unforgivable!

Units/cards drawn from a deck, deployed onto a small map, deployed units moved around upon that map using Action Points, maps with different tactical features . . . .

. . . . seems very similar to the awesome Hero Academy, but that is asynchronous turn-based MP. I really don’t like the idea of this being real-time, unless that is simply an option in addition to asynchronous play.

Before SpaceChem, Zachtronics was a flash developer… he did civil war robots before:

That’s why there’s Not Enough AP

This is scheduled to come out on 18 September 2013 on Steam. Is it worth pre-ordering for the 10% discount and the free DLCs, or do I wait for impressions?

Its out now, so we await impressions.

If there was a way to integrate this into Ageod’s Civil War 2 released yesterday, I would be a happy man.

Looks like no one from here bought it yet. The only impression I got was from Steam’s forums with one guy claiming its the worst game he has bought in a long time.

Yes, but reading the Steam forums is like eavesdropping in a mental institution.

I would go halfsies on the 2-pack if anyone else is interested.