Irrational's New "MYSTERY" Title

Off the back of winning game of the show at E3, we’re looking for lots of talented people to join us in Australia. We’re working on the sequel to one of the best loved PC franchises of all time. I think gamers are going to go nuts when they find out. So, why not come and talk to us about being part of it?

I’m excited already.

X-Com? Wishful thinking…but it’d certainly be nice.

I don’t think it’s a mystery. I think they’re talking about Bioshock.

Bioshock isn’t a sequel.

It’s a spiritual sequel.

What was the E3 game of the show (and who even decides that, for that matter)? If it was Bioshock, then that implies that this is something different.

Yeah, I think you’re right in that it’s something different.

Max Payne 3? What franchises does Take 2 own that could be considered a best loved PC franchise of all time?

It’s obviously a new Lemmings game.

Why would they say “gamers are gonna go nuts when they find out” about a game that has been officially known about for some time?

No, it’s something new. Who knows what though. What they think is huge we might think of as “meh.”

Wasn’t there a rumor a while ago that Irrational was working on a sequel to Baldur’s Gate?

Another Tribes sequel? I’d be onboard with that.

Did they finally get back the System Shock IP? Or is this too obvious an assumption?
If not, my second bet is on an X-COM sequel.

But I’m not going to get all excited about a game even whose existence won’t be revealed before next year or so.

Probably a longshot, but I’m hoping for Magic Carpet.

Huh. Well, I thought Tribes: Vengeance was all right, but most fans seemed to hate it. I’m not sure, therefore, at the wisdom of any level of excitement at what will be coming out of that particular sub-studio.

“Going to go nuts” suggests it’s a franchise well loved, but which has been without development for some time, so I’d rule out Tribes straight off.

Wasn’t levine on here talking about Master of Magic awhile back? Or maybe it was Wardell?

Take 2, via Firaxis owns a ton of Microprose IP. Plus know never know what Atari might sell to Take Two in order to keep themselves a float.

That was Brad.

If it’s X-Com, my head might explode.