Irrationals "The Lost" Revived?

From Blues News

This page on the framed FXLabs Website reveals that a PC edition of The Lost is in the works in addition to an Xbox version (thanks Frans). This comes just as the PS2 edition of the Lost earned the dubious distinction of landing on IGN’s Top 10 Vaporware List, one of those regularly scheduled opportunities to mock TeamFortress 2 and Duke Nukem Forever.

The screenshots on that site look fairly iffy, but I’m excited about anything that Irrational does.

Just to be pedantic, but I don’t think you get to call it “vaporware” after it’s officially cancelled. :-)

Perhaps, but it looks a lot better than what the PS2 version’s graphics looked like during development. So it is an improvement. :-)

Here’s hoping neo-Lost’s chances fare better than its ill-fated predecessor!

Appears to be true, FiringSquad got in touch with FXLabs - Link.

Garcia told us that they have an agreement with Irrational to develop the game and that they have decided to make their PC version as the main platform (an Xbox version is still planned). Irrational is considered to be a co-producer of the game, according to Garcia, with FXLabs working with Irrational’s storyline and storyboards to create the game.

Its based on Unreal 2.5 with much of the production outsourced to India.