Irth Online Beta starting sometime tonight

The website for Irth Online says details to follow.


Sorry, the website is kind of hard to wade through, so I’ll ask it here:

Is there anything interesting about this game?

Well, it takes place on Irth. That’s pretty interesting. :)

What the hell is irth? Earth but spelled really really wrong? Bizzaro Earth?

Surprised to hear this hasn’t been canceled yet.

Is there anything interesting about this game?

I’ll field this one.


there is a girl, with breasts, on the front page!

there is a girl, with breasts, on the front page![/quote]
Barely. I’d have picked Rob Liefeld over whoever drew that.

I like that use of ‘barely’. I can’t tell what it modifies :)

Sor-ry!! Just trying to help. :P

So has anyone tried it? I was browsing their forums and the download weighs in at over 900MB :O I didn’t think those Quake textures were that large.

I must admit I don’t get why so many people think making a clone of existing games (with less budget and skill) is a good idea?

The best indie/small devs fill a niche that other publishers don’t address and they do with clever, interesting and/or unique games.

To simply plop out another ye generic fantasy MMORPG… man, that seems like a real waste of time to me…

I dunno, does the game let you travel to the Mune, or Murkyeree, or…ooh, Mars is a toughie.

All their screenshot galleries are empty. If they look anything like the image on the front page then its all for the best.


I saw the game at E3. It’s supposed to be a pre-UO:R style MMOG, only with 3D graphics. Very open-ended gameplay, PvP, etc.

It may not look like much, but it’s pretty impressive considering they only spent $1M developing it.