Is a 1070 enough for a 1440p G-sync monitor?


Hey all, I wanted to update the thread to mention that our own @Scott_Lufkin (who posted above) reached out to me and offered me a very much more than reasonable price on his less-than-18 months used EVGA GTX 1080 FTW–he’d just pulled the trigger on a 1080 Ti. I really couldn’t pass it up, especially since the EVGA card’s warranty follows the card, not the original buyer. It’s on its way, supposed to arrive tomorrow. So big props and thanks to Scott!

Now I just need to grab a fancy G-Sync monitor (that ASUS IPS panel is mighty tempting) and I’m golden. Unfortunately my Amazon Rewards Visa CC got compromised and I’m waiting for the replacement (so I can get that sweet 5% back on the purchase if I go with Amazon). The new card might have arrived yesterday but for the fact that it was Veteran’s Day. Oh well, first-world problems. :-)


It worked out well for everyone, I wanted to make sure the card got a good home (it’s a fantastic card) and I wanted to not have it sit around collecting dust in my basement. I also hate using ebay and similar services, and would much rather just deal with someone I “know” sort of, so it all seemed to have worked out. You’ll have to let us know how the card worked out once it arrives!


Just reporting back to the thread that Scott’s “old” card has found a good home, is working great, and is now driving the ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q G-Sync IPS 27 in. monitor (which looks to be non-defective–no dead pixels nor excessive backlight bleed). Assassin’s Creed Origins runs super sweet on it, with never a screen tear.



I’m glad everything worked out!