Is a re-release of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas worthy of its own thread?

Hear, hear!

I’d love another GTA, too, but I went with ps5 rdr2 because I don’t see how rockstar can top gta5, especially without Dan Houser. We’re living in a reality that defies parody, so future gta games that want to marry the shoot-or-run-over-anyone gameplay of the series with a story that works at all face a stiff challenge. Plus, I still have a lot of rdr2 to play, and I’m tired of waiting for the current gen upgrade.

This is going to be easy money for Rockstar. I’m sure there are some improvements, as they’ve listed in the release, but I’ll be surprised if it’s significant. I can’t see them pulling developers off GTA 6 or any other new projects they’re working on to get this out the door.

The last GTA I played was IV, halfway through the Lost + Damned expansion, never got to Gay Tony. I then had my first child, long hiatus, switched to a different computer, and when I tried to get back to it, Games for Windows wasn’t working anymore, and my amazon digital copy refused to open. So… I’d love to revisit these games, and play V… having them all in the same place would be great, with all the expansions.

Behold, your remaster!

It looks awesome but oof that price. $60 full price. Too expensive for my taste even though I love, love the games. I’ve waited years for a remaster, I’ll happily wait a few more for a deep sale on this one.

It’s at once better and worse than I was expecting.

I’m assuming they took down all the mods for these older GTA games because they made the games look even better than this and they didn’t want that competition out there?

Man, that looks weird. I mean not bad weird. Not exactly. Anyway I’ll buy it, how could I not?

Oh hey also, looks like GTA 3 will be coming to PlayStation Now on Dec 7 and GTA San Andreas will be coming to Xbox Game Pass on Nov 11.

Nice! Day one San Andreas on Game Pass.

Vice City is only one where I didn’t play the story yet (I played hours and hours and hours of activities after my friends had already unlocked everything by playing through the story first). So I’m looking forward to that campaign with Ray Liotta. But that can wait as I revisit San Andreas first.

Any word on the soundtrack? Will the games feature all the original licensed music?

No specific mentions, but their world blurb about the games mention them having unforgettable music. Hopefully that means they’re trying to relicense everything and will hopefully be successful.

That’s not at $60 paintjob to me. That’s like a “we’re actually remastering these for the latest gens of smartphones, not consoles”

Game Pass or $20 at most.

This seems like a very minor remaster. Some higher res textures; some minor improvements to models; a couple of new shaders; done.

The biggest improvement will (hopefully) be an unlocked frame rate and better controls.

I’d say that Rockstar is in its bloated-Brando phase now, fat and sweaty on unending GTA V Online money. Not holding my breath that this remaster will be nothing but quick and dirty.

Actiblizzard can suck 17 cocks, but they get my approval for tossing Vicarious Visions at their remakes. VV’s been around and knows their shit.

I don’t know, but it’s been way too long since a GTA game has featured a classical music/opera station.

Here we go, here’s the music that made it, and the music that didn’t.

Overall, I’m pretty happy. I was dismayed at first because I only looked at what’s listed as missing. But then I started looking through the list of what made it, and most of the good stuff made it, thank god. It’s a shame they couldn’t get all of it, especially V-Rock in Vice City, which took a big hit, but all in all, not bad.

That hurts. Cum On Feel the Noize is one of my favorite songs of all time and Ozzy one of my favorite artists.

I played through the beginning of the game (San Andreas) through game pass. Man, time has not been kind to the graphics, and neither have the visual upgrades, all that much. But still, I’d forgotten that this GTA game have you stats, and you had to lower your fat and build up your fitness and skills. And in the beginning of the game, I keep running out of stamina while riding the bike, so I can’t pedal! Holy smokes that’s annoying.

Now it’s all coming back to me. The reason why the first thing we did in this game is spend a bunch of time in the gym, building up CJ’s stamina.

The songs lost wasn’t ass bad as expected. Still not sure if it’s worth it but I do love the older GTA’s. I wish they had done some real graphic overhauling but ah well.

This thing is getting savaged. Maybe I’ll wait a while to pick it up.