Is a Realms of Arkania: Star Trail remake a cause for celebration?

This is something to be excited about, right?


Well their first remake was meh. Anyone has hands on experience with this one? Loved the originals.

Nope, and I never got into the originals either. For whatever reason these Germanic CRPGs didn’t grab me.

Can a remake of a game be any good? I think when you do one, you are going to betray the old memories of the people most excited by it, while you are going to keep systems that will feel inappropriate and dated to newcomers.

The first one was incomplete at release, and it took about a year and a lot of patches to make it playable. Even at that it really wasn’t worth the effort.

I don’t know if the developers learned their lesson, but I would approach cautiously.

Fist-person exploration and isometric combat are not a good combination IMO. Pick one and stick with it.

Also, the first remake looked ugly and felt clunky. There are much better Dark Eye games out there, such as Blackguards.

Sorry to be pendantic but while Blackguards has the license I would not call it a Dark Eye game.

Watched some gameplay vids. Still clunky and cheap looking. The Drakensang Games looked much better (and are great Dark Eye games )