Is America becoming Fascist?

I propose that it is. The more I see of the Bush regime, and the more I study the other fascist states of history the more apparent it becomes that we are rapidly sliding into fascism.

Heere are a bunch of articles on the matter, don’t know much about the site but (googled) but they have a good collection of various links.

Everyone should read Henry Wallaces speach on the dangers of it.

Shouldn’t this have an accompanying poll?

When you feel your life or career or well being is in danger if you’re posting to this thread then America is fascist. If you feel comfortable debating it then you’re a paranoiac. Of course a few paranoiacs could be a good thing.

The question isn’t ‘are we fascist’ it’s ‘are we becoming fascist?’
So no I’m not afraid today, though I do worry that in 2 years I might not post things such as this for exactly those fears.

I feel much better about the rule of law under this administration after hearing that John Ashcroft is likely to step down. I hope his pancreas gets better, but Attorney General just isn’t the right job for that man.

What does worry me is the gloating and yowls I hear from the evangelical mob, who think a 51% majority in the Presidential election means the country is about to be remade in their image. It’s right and proper that the US government should reflect the national mood, but some of these folks really seem to think a new era has dawned, and that no pesky Constitution stands in their way any longer.

The republic has been through worse. We’ll survive.

Oh, definitely. I’m starting to doubt that the current rhetoric (“you’re all dumb hillbillies” vs. “you’re not real Americans like us”) will even last more than another few weeks…and after that we’ll be in much the same place we were a year ago, beyond two or three major Supreme Court decisions.