Is anyone else getting Indian matchmaking sites?

They seem to be around half of the ads I see. Bring back POENews headlines.


Ayep especially in P&R

That must be the active content that gets blocked at work.

Weird, I don’t get any of those ads. I do see a lot of McCain for president and “surrender is not an option” ads. Perhaps it’s regional?

Right now I have:

Sex Offender Search.
Lookup Offender Records, Mugshots, Prison Inmate Files & More!

Investigation Anyone.
Background, Employee & Criminal Checks On Anyone (US-Canada-UK)

Dubai Apartments.
Buy An Apartment In Dubai! Today’s Most Exciting City.

No idea about Dubai, but I suspect what threads caused the other two, heh.

I just got my first Jeevansathi ad one minute ago, while viewing this thread.

The one I’ve been getting a lot for the past week is “The Dark History of the Church: 7 Great Myths of Organized Religion”. Leave me alone, you lousy spiritualists!

I’m pretty much a constant mix of McCain, Indian bethorals, and some thing that would give my car 27 more hp. Which one of you is taking about cars?

They better be careful with the ads, or we’ll all be arrested on sight if we ever fly to Mumbai.

They’ll never get ya! Just stay out of the awesome gallery!

All I am getting are K&N Air Intake ads. I wonder if triggers off not what subject matter you are just reading, but what subject matter your reply about.

Yeah I get the K&N ads more than anything else.

I keep seeing Eczema breakthrough ads. I blame it on poison ivy.

baby, with those indian brides, I am gonna need that horsepower +27

hopefully I’ll find that bonus in the next rare item drop

shakes fist at Stroker

Stroker has sex with plants…I mean Bill…I mean… what’s the difference!?