Is anyone else having trouble signing into ArsTechnica today?

I can’t seem to sign in today there for some reason. I guess they’re upgrading their forums or something (high time) but they’ve apparently disabled signing in entirely.

Thanks to @tomchick for changing my title to something more à propos.

Yep, same here. Noticed it this morning, and figured it’s because of the forum update. Looked for more info and couldn’t find anything. Going to give them a day or so, but as a paying subscriber, this is really annoying.

Same here. I think my subscription was set to renew around this time though, not sure.

I read Ars Technica but I didn’t even know you could sign in there.

You can have an account for leaving comments. Also, for $25 a year it’s ad free and it gives you a button to a PDF version of every article.

It’s back BTW, and the new forums look pretty spiffy. Not as nice as these, of course, but how could they be?*

*the only thing they have that I wish we did is to be able to toggle widescreen width.