Is anyone following the Mars rovers?

Yeah, me either.

I did here that ‘Spirit’ drilled into its first rock today. We can’t go back now.

No, but I’m always prompted to check the ESA page when there is any thread like this.
The 26th of February the Rosetta mission to a comet will begin.
I trust the next Derek Smart game will have Mars more detailed than ever! 2

If you are into following the mission and you have a Pocket PC, check out @Sat.

Very slick apps that lets you track the space station, Hubble, the Mars rovers, and, when they’re up, Soyuz and the Shuttle. You can also download the latest Hubble and Mars rover shots automatically.

Computer gaming connection: Survivorsoft, the company that makes the game, is headed by Francine Hunter. She worked some of the best flight sims never to be published, including Confirmed Kill, Flying Nightmares 2, and Jane’s A-10. She created the slick campaign interface that would have let one person direct the action while others flew it. Kind of like what Savage does, but this was about 5 years ago. Shame that FN2 and A-10 never saw the light of day – multiplayer could have been a blast.

Hey, she was in the office right next to mine, until a Real Programmer kicked me out of it. That’s cool.

I’ve been following it. I find it fascinating, and was very happy when they got Spirit working again.