Is Anyone Interested in Person of Interest?

Onward I go into season 4, love the new HQ, love that they are rebuilding in their own way with the help of the machine.

The bond of the main crew is seriously on display here.

The layering of Elias into the past seasons and now the current is just perfect.

Also Shaw and Root remain amazing when together. <3

Yeah, the show has really hit it’s groove at this point.

The last episode of season 4 sets a nice cliff hanger. Using Pink Floyd Welcome to the Machine was a nice touch, but then I’m way too much of PF fan I couldn’t help but love it.

Oh and of course this is the season with If/Then/Else which is just so good.

A well constructed show like POI is fun because you know the pieces Nolan drops along the way will be picked up again later. It’s why I loved B5, I knew going in Straczynski had planned out how it all fit together.