Is anyone keeping an eye on Soldner?

The game looks impressive:

Has anyone done a preview on this game yet? What are your early impressions of the game? Were you impressed? How about the graphics?


I’m also keeping an eye on it. The mention of damage being done to terrain and buildings has me intrigued. Could be very interesting.

Looks cool, I wonder if it will be like OFP but with decent graphics?

From the Soldner websiter…

Söldner allows you to customise your characters. For the first time you can look cool without being limited to ready made full body skins. You can pick your helmet, face, jacket, trousers, boots, add some extras like sunglasses, tatoos, or backpacks and ready is your soldier :

But can I be an effeminate sailor?


Did that Soldner just move…cause if it diiid…