Is anyone watching the Live British coverage?

Wow. It’s uncomfortable, eerie, and exciting all at once. Live shots from a 120 man Iraqi resistance force at Umm Asar or something. I watched for an hour or so. Tanks moving in. Daylight bombings. Its now 2:00am and my kid woke up. I had to put Baby Einstein on the VCR to calm her down. What a crazy juxtaposition. Live War versus a sock puppet Dragon.

Anyway…I am a bit loopy at this hour and I am sure you will see it all day tomorrow, but it is a weird sensation to say the least.

I watched this going down until about 4am. The best part of the whole battle was when there was a sniper (or somebody) up in the tower of that brick building. One of the tanks zapped it with an HE round that put a hole in one side and out the other. Very satisfactory boom.

I think last night was an excellent preview of the sort of action we’re going to see entirely too much of once our forces actually get to Baghdad.

That was the clearest feed I have seen. Those Brits shouldn’t have better video footage than us!!! :wink:

News is in that british reporter Terry Lloyd and his ITN camera crew were killed. This is the guy who was first to report Saddam’s crimes to the world after finding the gassed Kurds in the village of Halabja back in 1988.

The latest I heard is that it was Coalition fire. Evidently he ended up travelling with an Iraqi convoy that was hit (they didn’t say much more than that or why he was there - willing or whatnot).

That footage from last night was amazing. They got great footage of them launching the first Javelin and then a good view of the second hitting it’s target. I was watching the raw feed last night so I also got to hear some colorful language on basic cable which is always a treat. This whole embedded thing along with instant communtcations creates an interesting dynamic. The anchors were all ridiculously pleased with the news they were making.

But you put that many reporters on the front line it’s not surprising that some may be killed or injurded. Especially those who head out on their own.

The footage is pretty amazing since your seeing it live or almost live. They only British stuff I saw was a shot at night with that green night vision stuff showing a line of guys just unloading full auto into some building.

A comment some officer said that the ones fighting will stay and trade fire for the most part untill a Abrams shows up then they usually high tail it outta there.

A comment some officer said that the ones fighting will stay and trade fire for the most part untill a Abrams shows up then they usually high tail it outta there.

Believe me, that’s a lesson I learned many times over in Operation Flashpoint. It’s also why I equipped RPG/LAW as a secondary weapon every single chance I could. If a tank shows up on the field and you don’t have anti-armor, you are royally screwed.

Although I don’t know how realistic it was for a tank to be blown up by 3 or 4 RPG/LAW hits, either. That might have been a concession to playability, because as I understand it, those bounce right off most tanks? There’s another weapon in OF, I can’t remember the name, but it is a giant single-shot dedicated tank buster type device.

The Carl Gustav, I’m guessing?

Yeah, and the NATO AT4. I’m guessing in this crazy thing you guys call “the real world”, a soldier would probably need one of those to have any chance of disabling a modern tank. Does anyone know for sure? Can a LAW/RPG hit damage an Abrams?

I did find this:

And this:

About that, there is discussion whether Swedish weapon exports to the US should be halted, due to policy that says that Sweden will not supply warring parties with weapons. Of course, arms sales to India sort of discredits that policy…

Sweden makes weapons?

No, but it’s the principle of the thing!

lol. Really though, they make the best rifles.

For about 500 million dollars in the year 2000, which is about 0.6% of the overall weapons exports in the world.
The export to the US was about 48 million dollars 2001.
Sweden was the 14th largest weapons exporter in 2000.

Sweden has stuff like the Carl Gustav, haubitses from Bofors, the JAS-39 Gripen and a bunch of other components.

A hit in just the right spot could damage or disable an M1, but it is unlikely it could destroy an M1. The main armor is a variant of Chobham armor, layering various forms of protection like depleted uranium, hardened steel, and ceramic blocks. The ceramic makes the armor essentially impenetrable with a shaped charge warhead. More about the M1. Chobham is thick and must be produced in flat slabs (not sure why), so it is only used for the frontal, side, and turret armor. If you hit an M1 in the rear, or on a tread, you could disable it. As that link mentions, we lost 18 M1s in Desert Storm, but no crewmembers died & only nine were permanent losses.

Chobham’s slab nature makes it easy to spot. Some variant of it is used on the Challenger 2 and the Leopard 2.

Other vehicles, like the M2 Bradley IFV, have been produced with reactive armor tiles. They are hard to knock out with a shaped charge, too. When the plasma jet of a shaped charge hits the reactive tile, the tile detonates & disrupts the plasma jet. The tiles only work once, so if the vehicle is unlucky enough to get hit twice in the same spot it is toast.

Ha! So much for immersion in Op Flashpoint. I know I took out tanks with RPG or backpack charges.

Don’t forget the M136 AT4! The problem with stopping weapons exports to the USA is that the Swedish military industry depends on the American and not the other way around. (Even though I think they like the AT4 for example).