Is anyone's time off?

I get

The time now is Wed May 04, 2005 10:15 pm

After changing it to -3.5 (I should be at -5).


Suddenly, I’m not so disappointed that Yale passed me up.

huh. It’s pretty close for me–abotu 15 minutes off.

Let it not be said that I don’t admit when I’m wrong. It would appear that the server clock is, in fact, slow by about 75 minutes. I posted my first reply around 9:20 pm CDT, but the server says I posted it at 8:09 pm (per my GMT -6 profile setting). So Jose’s complaint, alone isn’t enough to boost my Yale-acceptance-letter-less ego. His piss poor issue presentation, however, is.

The server shows that Jose posted at “Wed May 04, 2005 7:47 pm”. This is adjusted to my time zone setting (GMT -6), so that if Jose is in the Eastern time zone, he posted at 8:47 pm. But then he says that he has his profile set to GMT -3.5, which means, based on the aforementioned time stamps, that the server time would show, to him, as being… 10:17 pm. Which it does, within 2 minutes. Why he has his profile set to Newfoundland Standard Time is a question left for more ivied minds than mine.

What Jose failed to do was provide any external frame of reference (i.e. “…but my watch says xx:xx a/pm”) to help anyone figure out the issue, especially since the issue is the server clock is slow, if it were fast, the posts from the future would be a dead giveaway. So like the proverbial engineer, Jose gives us technically correct information, but it is little use trying to solve the issue.

Anyway… my bad, you’re right, there is a problem with the time settings.

Here in GMT -7 it’s 9:31

Which, like I said orginally, is about 15 minutes off. What happend to the other 60 minutes in SK post?

I ate a bug.

Poor guy. Have a nice glass of water to go with your bug? :)

The horror. The horror. The horror.


It’s way off for me. It’s like this server is a day slow.

The Pacific Coast of North America is GMT-8.

Elhajj lives in utah and commutes to the MS campus everyday.

No, I’m at work today.

The time now is Thu May 05, 2005 2:49 pm

My watch says 4:06. This is set to GMT -5 for Eastern time.

Squirrel Monkey, envy is a bitch. Reading your posts it isn’t difficult to see why you were passed up. Bitterness is ugly. At the end of the day (or four years) I will have an Ivy League degree and you won’t. Now watch all the OMG ELITIST ASSHOLE posts begin. I didn’t start it.

Going out of your way to prove your superior intelligence and communication skills only shows your inferiority complex. :)

Ha ha, totally.

The Pacific Coast of North America is GMT-8.[/quote]

Well that clears that up. :) Thanks BD

You laugh, but the time of the Q23 server is right for where I am calling from. :)

Yeah, qt3 says 8:50am, I say 10:07am.

You laugh, but the time of the Q23 server is right for where I am calling from. :)[/quote]

So the minutes are somehow faster in your crazy bizarro world?