Is Discourse a little schizophrenic today?


I’m good too. Although I also decided to stop tracking so many threads.

I dismissed everything, now every visit is a new day.

Or something.


And now all the sudden the counts gone crazy again. I went from more than 60 unread to 4 when I refreshed the page. So I guess the symptom is back doctor!


Since the rebuild my Unread count in the top bar fairly reliably doesn’t update until I click the Unread header and it updates, realizing that I have actually read those topics. Before it updated as expected.


I’m getting weird “Unread” behaviour too.

  • The count in the top bar says “Unread (2)”
  • But when I click on it, the page says “you have no unread topics”
  • Then I go to “Latest” page, and I can see there are actually 4 topics with the blue “unread posts” icons.


I’ve been getting this for about a week now. I have no idea how to reproduce it. Just seems to happen occasionally. Forced refresh does not solve it.


I believe this is a legit bug for sure, just odd it is not reported more places. Maybe @sam can take a look next week. I strongly suspect Rails 5 bugs of some kind.


Almost all my unread threads dissapeared. I had 50+, suddenly have 8. It’s not because I’ve read most of them, as I got through 3-4.


So I have this thing occasionally where I have some thread pop up in Latest where the last post is 3h ago or something, then when I check it out, the last post was months ago. For example:

No post edits either, which I thought could have bumped it.


Probably spammers or someone otherwise deleted a post from a topic. Note that you, too, can create a last post in a topic and then delete it (after the 24 hour trigger time). Not in any way a bug.


Ah, thanks!


My notification indicator doesn’t really work consistently anymore in Chrome.

I got a pop up from Chrome telling me that @Timex just replied to me over in the Fox News thread. There’s no little blue (1) up on my avatar in the top right. When I opened this thread to post about it, the little blue (1) showed up for a second. . . and then promptly vanished.



While I understand that clicking on my avatar up there will “clear” the notification number for replies/quotes (but not for PMs), it seems to be clearing itself without any interaction from me.


Let me try doing a full rebuild to see if that helps anything. OK done.


Everyone is still seeing this, yes? I am escalating it internally.


I am.


In theory this should be fixed now. Thanks for your patience.


Last night/this morning, Discourse stopped working for me completely. I just figured Qt3 was down, but then I accessed it from work, and my phone just fine. I got home, and it works on Chrome. But I usually use Firefox, and on Firefox it just says this:

I made sure uBlock is still off, and NoScript still allows Qt3, so it shouldn’t be those two things.


If it works in a different browser on the same machine, then the problem is literally by definition, that browser. Or more likely your specific browser config …


Yep, I figured as much. But what kind of things do you think I can try? What could possibly have changed in one day?

I guess I was hoping someone else had the same problem and they figured out how to solve it.

EDIT: It is NoScript’s new update. For some reason it’s causing problems on all kinds of javascript websites now, and whitelisting sites doesn’t allow them to work anymore. Disabling NoScript did the trick.


Some time ago I tried NoScript and ended up quickly uninstalling it because it was just causing so many sites to break or behave weirdly. I get the security concerns, and perhaps I wasn’t using it properly, but it crossed my personal line between safety and faff. These days it’s HTTPS Everywhere that occasionally gives me problems but that’s a quick disable.


The issue is https with this. For some reason accessing the site through https leads to it thinking you are offline, though clearing history fixes this until you do it again.

I think Firefox is defaulting to https now.