Is DOA4 really this week?

EBGames has a shipping date of this Wednesday. I wonder if it’s legit… still has the 28th.

So does Bestbuy, Circuitcity…

Nice post-merger co-operation there, two different dates at EB and Gamestop.

That’s true.

I personally haven’t noticed many changes in either of them since the merger. They operate as they did before.[/b]

I don’t think they’ve really merged the daily operations yet. That’s happening after the holidays. Too hard to do that kind of thing in season.

As for DoA4. I will be very surprised if we get it before the end of 2005. That’s just me guessing though.


My God, people, don’t believe retail site release dates. This is bullshit. All of it! I’ll be pleasantly surprised if we’re playing this game in February.

Whitta, if DOA4 comes out before 2006, I’ll buy you a copy.

It’s going to suck if you’re out $60.

They only delayed Ninja Gaiden like three weeks, so it’s still posible for them to ship it out at the end of this month with an originally expected date of Dec. 10 (to make the Japanese launch).

It would also suck if I spontaneously changed sexes overnight and none of my shirts fit anymore. I’m not particularly worried about either scenario.

3 weeks? Wasn’t it originally due in December 2003 but ultimately bumped to sometime in February 2004?

Good memory! I forgot about the first delay from Dec to Feb.

Yeah, the smart money’s on “No, not this week,” and my cynical money’s on Feb. moved it back to Dec. 28.

I think that Dec. 28 date is just to keep people from wigging out that there are no more games coming out in December for the 360. They’ll keep that up there until next week and then move it to February or whatever.

EB and Gamestop have to be a little concerned that some of the people who preordered the 360 are going to start dropping those pre-orders as Christmas comes and goes… keeping hope alive for Dead or Alive 4 might save a few.


It’s Dec. 28th and no DOA4, as far as I can tell.

I checked the EBGames Web site this morning and they’ve adjusted the date to 12/30. I’m taking that with a grain of salt the size of my own enormous head.

hmmm…I don’t go in to work until later but last I heard it was expected to ship this week (should have shipped today for arrival tomorrow).

If that happens, call me. You have the number. I’ll make everything better.

At least one guy on GAF is claiming to have gotten his copy from a store in the US that broke street date. Here is a link to his gamertag, which shows DOA4 as one of his recently-played games, acquired 12/28/05. So far he has one achievement.

Oh, and…

Matt, I’ll PM you my mailing address later today. Thanks!

Damn! I wish I had tried to get Keil to agree to those terms!

me too, jeez.