Is DOOM impending? DOOM 3 that is!

Haven’t seen this on any game sites yet, but according to Warp2Search, DOOM3 will be out in the US and Europe on June 16, 2004. $59.99 retail (ouch!).

This is one of the few games I’ll pick up sight unseen. I’m doubly curious to see the technology and to check out id’s first foray into single player since Quake 2 (seven years ago!)

I’m hoping it will be a bit more than “pick up weapon, pick up bigger weapon, kill kill kill” but on the other hand, I’m not expecting Doom: Deus Ex, either. :)

You need a “When I have some money” option.


I’m a sucker for a new doom game. Yes, I’ll buy it the moment it comes out. Even reviews that mention “pile of crap” might not stop me.

June 16th seems early but whatever day it is, I’m there.

I’m going to wait a few days before picking it up. Find out what everyone else thinks first.

I have a tradition to follow.
Id release day= New PC and the game…and calling into work.

When they sell a PC in bundle with the game that is able to run it.

I’ll wait for some reviews as well.

Hopefully it will play ok on my system.

I’m gonna buy a whole NEW system for this sucka.



If you want you can buy one for me too . Until then I’m the [1] that voted for Bargain Bin.

EB and Gamestop are selling it for $54.99.

I’ll buy Doom3 when I’m done playing interesting games.

Perhaps after I hear some good buzz around the water cooler about it, would prolly help if I had a good beer buzz too for a game at $60 smackers with no coop (or does it have coop play?).

DOOM was a revelation when it first came out. DOOM II was cool because it was more of the same before more of the same became a bad thing. However, DOOM III, coming as it does almost ten years later, doesn’t seem to have enough to recommend it to make it a must-buy. I’ll wait and see whether it really adds something to the FPS genre before I buy it. I’m not rebelling or anything. I just really don’t care that much.

So we have at least one person around here that isn’t a hopelessly jaded bastard. :)

Speaking of traditions, well I have one that isn’t really as dramatic as yours, but whenever I buy a new CRPG at a store, I stop to eat at Wendy’s on the way back home.

My reason for this whacked behavior is because a long time ago, in a gal… er I mean, way back when… a friend and I were at the mall and I bought my first gold box game, Pools of Radiance, and later we stopped at Wendy’s on the way home. I’m not totally sure why, but ever since then, it’s been like some stupid little tradition of mine.

From what I saw of the XBox version at E3, it’s pretty much a straight shooter but with some damn cool stuff to see.

On the PC it should be a nice combo – id shooter action + awesome eye candy. On the XBox, it doesn’t have as much to sell it. It’s one of the best looking XBox shooters, but it doesn’t hold a candle to what we’ve seen on the PC in the last year with all of the effects that have to be turned off for the XBox graphics chips.

I was looking at it on a plasma HDTV, which actually made it look worse… “Count the pixels!”

Cooperative play. :)

In keeping with ID tradition, shouldn’t there be a d3test by now if that’s the release date?

Mal- I always got the feeling that the Qtests were for checking out how it was running on people’s machines and checking the net code. Well, Id knows the net code works, and the game is targeted at the last generation cards so I’m thinkig Id does not really have that much in data to collect.
that said- I’m sure Id will at least have a demo.

And no i’m not a jaded bastard. I really have only 2 big gripes with the ‘industry’. Licensed games that suck, and the stuck in the rut cookie cutter FPS trigger trap/bad story/fast food games. Oh, and RTS’s stuck on the Warcraft 2 model. Helllooo anyone remember Total annihilation? At least Rise of Nations kicks ass.

I have faith in Id. Really what was thier worst game? Quake III? That wasn’t exactly terrible.And it kept who knows how many companies making crappy FPS’s for years. From what I’ve heard about Doom from the inside(X-Box crew) it does what it is built to do…scare the crap out of you- and give you cool shit to frag. Works for me. Yeah, the tech will be fun to look at, but that love affair only lasts for about 30 minutes for me, and in classic uber gamer mode, I start turning stuff off for framerate.