Is EGM pulling my leg or does my Google-Fu just suck?

In the latest issue of EGM, there is an article in the news section that says Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka of Bioware fame are going to helm development of future Final Fantasy titles. I’ll excerpt it below:

“Drs. Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka caused quite a stir late last year, when the pair announced that they would be departing Bioware - the Canadian game developer they founded with fellow doctor Augustine Yip in 1995…now, however, the pair will find themselves taking on a whole new type of role-playing game: the Japanese RPG. Yes, they’ll be trading characters such as Commander Shepard and HK-47 for Cloud and Cid, as it’s just been announced that Zeschuk and Muzyka have signed a multi-title deal with Square Enix worth up to $41 million to helm development of all major upcoming Final Fantasy releases…while details are still scant at this point, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada stated during the announcement that the doctors will be in charge of a ‘new generation and direction’ for future Final Fantasy games - which, given that we assume work on FFXV is already underway, would no doubt begin with the development of FFXVI.”

I thought this article was real since all the other news articles on the same page are, but I can’t find any info about it on Google. EGM has a history of April Fool’s pranks - the infamous Shen Long joke in Street Fighter II, a Sonic cameo in Smash Bros. - but this one is harder to tell because 1) The magazine went bi-monthly late last year, though this is the March/April issue, and 2) It would explain the doctors’ exodus from Bioware and only makes too much business sense for Square-Enix. That a Google search turns up nothing, however, doesn’t leave me with any hope that this is real

“$41” million implies april fools, yes. It’s unusually subtle, though.

Just an EGM prank, for sure. Remember Mushroom Kingdom Hearts?

(Also, even if this were real, we’re talking about a company who still hasn’t been able to release a Final Fantasy game they announced back before the PS3 came out, and who’s been making Final Fantasy XIII sequels instead of full new numbered games. I wouldn’t expect a proper FF15 for several years.)