Is Gone Gold borked for anyone else?

I haven’t been able to get onto the GoneGold website for a couple of days, is anyone else able to get into GoneGold?

There was just a thread on this, they banned a bunch of people they didn’t like. Everyone else is getting in fine.

Sorry, you must have pissed them off.

Haha, yeah :)

Anyway, heya Drazzil!

You guys know the feeling when you are in a different state and you run across somebody you know and get excited that you know anybody in this new place? Kinda how I feel.

So, also… you guys seem very nice. Nice to meet you all and all that stuff. Please do not eat my soul. If you ask, I’ll be glad to let you gnaw on it, but I prefer to at least keep it mostly intact.

I just registered

Hey guys, there’s a few discussions in the forums over at Console Gold about the fate of GG.

Hey Chris. Welcome to QT3. I think you’ll find that you already know a lot of posters here from Gone Gold.

I love you, man.

Yeah, Draz, the site is fine. I swear.
I really only joined qt3 to harrass you!
Or was it because I follow Chris everywhere… I don’t recall.
But Chris, what WHERE you doing at the Bus Stop last night? I thought you were a patron, not an employee!

Or, I’ve always been a lurker here, now I finally joined ™.

Hey Chris! good to see ya. With the exception of the odd jaded grumpy bastard, no one here is going to try to eat your soul. :P (But we had jaded grumpy bastards at GG too, so it shouldn’t be too big a stretch)

There’s a similar thread in the games forum I posted in, so I’ll reiterate here:

Essentially, I have no concrete word yet on exactly what happened. There’s lots of wild rumours floating about though, some of which may be valid, some of which are utter bullshit. The staff is doing what we can to get it back up, or something in it’s place. As soon as I know more, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, these forums are a great place. I’ve played Planetside with many of these guys for a long time, and I know firsthand that there’s some real quality folks here.

Lies and confabulation. An apology is in order. Oh, and restitution.

Resitution is payable in uncut, unflavored Koontz meanderings.

Dungsroman will collect.

lol! Good to see a few friendly faces (handles?) around here :)

So… even if we get GG back, my post count is gone, isn’t it? Since I am much slower at posting now than I was 3 years ago, I think it is probably gonna take me 5-6 years to get back up to 3k.

Oh well, not like I got sexual favors for my high post count anyway. ;)

I would like to point out - here, sexual favors with the right person could inflate your post count.

There’s a chance that that will be the case. There are alot of things that could have happened, and a number of them would involve the forums content (for the most part) vanishing into thin air.

There is a bit of hope mind you…Prior to this, Staff was working on migrating the forums over to a new phpBB release. during testing, much of the forums content up to the time of testing had been converted (and archived off the server). if (big if) we can get this archived information back, we could bring back most of the forums posts, and your post counts would conceivably be set back to where they were roughly a month or two ago. If that’s not the case, you’d be starting over fresh.

We’re not sitting on our hands with this. The Forum staff (er, sorry tom, the GG Forum staff. Sometimes I forget I’m not at GG anymore :( ) are all working hard towards bringing this situation to a happy end. What form that happy end takes is still up in the air, and could range from anything to “GG is back up like nothing happened” (which is probably a little too optimistic for me) to “we have new forums open to the old GG community” (and anyone else willing to come along for the ride) or somewhere in between. Some of the arrangements for many of these scenarios are already in place or are being made as we speak, so the moment we know which one we’re going to run with, we’ll make it happen swiftly. Till then, I’m afraid it’s just a waiting game. :( (I know it sucks, I hate it too) Naturally, I hope we can get our old GG home back, and we’re pursuing every avenue towards making that happen, but we have to be prepared to accept the fact that it may not be the case.

Anyone please E-mail or PM me with any further questions or concerns, and I’ll address them as I can. I feel kinda guilty airing GG’s business in Tom’s forums. :oops:

So can playing in Dom2 games. I’d have to see a picture of you in a beret before I decided which was a better idea. Nothing personal, I just need to make sure you look enticing in a beret ;-)

Um, we here at QT3 fully support your right to… um… uh… you know. :lol:

So can playing in Dom2 games. I’d have to see a picture of you in a beret before I decided which was a better idea. Nothing personal, I just need to make sure you look enticing in a beret ;-)[/quote]
Sounds like somebody and Clinton have something in common! :shock:

What I know/feel comfortable saying:

Sorry Chris (and eduardo, et al) but it now looks as though GoneGold in it’s former glory is dead. Part of the main reason why information seemed to be trickling out so slowly was that we (as in GG staff) were waiting to hear from Stephen Saunders. As many of you may or may not know, Rich’s health has been failing for many years now. it’s been at a point for awhile now where he just couldn’t maintain his time commitment to GG any longer, and so he turned the reigns for the day-to-day operations over to Andy, Stephen Saunders and Bill Harris. As staff we had to wait to hear from Stephen in case he had anything else to offer, informationally. Now that that has happened, what we can reasonably ascertain is that the account with EV1 (the hosting provider) was cancelled. Stephen posted regarding this at Console Gold (which has become another haven for displaced GG boat people :P ) It was a fun ride, but it is, sadly, officially over

Or is it?

I mentioned previously that staff had made many plans for such things should the bottom ever fall out from under GG. In a nutshell, without getting into all the techie specifics, we were offered some time ago a really sweet deal with a new hosting provider. (Eventually, GG was to be moved to this provider, from what I understand) While some of the specifics still have to be worked out (like what we can or can’t use. The goneGold name, the logo etc… are all rich’s IP, so whatever rises from the ashes will likely NOT have the same GG logo/colour scheme etc…) As I understand it, the basics for a new forum are pretty much already in place, and staff has now shifted from a “Wait to hear it’s over” mode into a “Let’s go ahead with plan B” mode.

So, this new site would NOT be GoneGold in name. Spiritually, it would be it’s successor though. We have a list of assets, things we have, as well as a list of things we need, and we’ll be hammering away on this feverishly for the forseeable short-term future.

For the record, this was not a decision we took lightly. We explored a number of options, and finally felt that a new site, with new forums was the way to go as we could have more control over the creative aspects, as well as the day-to-day business. It will be a site seperate in name from gonegold, but the site that Rich started undoubtedly left an indelible mark on all of us GGers, and the new site will be born out of that same spirit, and, hopefully, with the same community as an integral part of it.

Lastly: I’ll be PMing many of the GGers in this thread, and the similar thread in the Games forum with more specifics. If you were a GG regular and didn’t hear from me, PM me and I’ll get it to you.

I think most gone golders will land here or Console gold. I imagine some will go to Peacedog’s forums, if anything to continue their r&p fights but I know many who will not.

Thanks for the update, ProblemChild.

Makes me glad we have the Entity ™ here. When one half is away, we still have the other half to keep things going.