Is Gone Gold Gone?

Take a deep breath Derek, I just noted that you post in a lot in message boards, no need to go off on a tangent. Rather than say anything else that may set you off again, I’ll just ignore your posts from here on in since you obviously don’t like the attention.

Well done. I couldn’t have said it any better.

LOL!! you know we luv ya Met_K. At least I think we do. :D In fact, that lends credence to Dave’s post about community polarity above.

Yeah, I know you were quoted on an ornament first. Bastard! :wink:

uhm, er, wha? I must’ve missed something. OK, fair enough - fine by me.
But let me say this, comparing me to that ignorant no-talent-having time-wasting jackass, is, well offensive to me. And yes, I took it personally.

I don’t know how you do it, Derek. Your name is attached to one mishap years ago, and people hound you for, what it is now, 6 years since the first Battlecruiser?

Trent Lott will probably be old news in a week, but people will hound a game developer for nearly a decade?

Our priorities are seriously screwed up.

Yeah, but Trent will shut up, be a good boy, and attempt to keep out of people’s radar.

Derek OTOH…I am not sure he knows the meaning of any of those three phrases. :)


heh, see what I mean?


heh, see what I mean?[/quote]

That’s some fun readin’. It’s like confrontational forum banter follows you around.

I saw the ad at EBonline today for the $9.99 BCM believe it or not. I believe your game would take way more of a time investment than I would be willing to put forth, but dagnabbit your such a friendly, humble guy that when I order Europa 1400, I can easily throw ten bucks on top of that just to see what the 6 years of fuss has been about. Of course, you state you do not really need to sell any more units, soo… :wink:

arrghhhh!!! thats blackmail, yer bastard! :D

No seriously though, its the one game you’ll be playing beyond the next five years. Trust me on this - it kinda grows on ya. Besides, if you have a problem and/or question, well, I’m already here aren’t I? ;)

Oh gee, I wonder why that would be?? :roll:

'Cept after reading that thread and others I am a little afraid of not liking it, saying something here, and you yelling at me. :twisted: Down deep, I am really a delicate flower.

I have one suggestion which you shouldn’t have a problem with:

How 'bout dumbing it down for mass market appeal? :wink:

Thats just a myth perpetrated by clueless wankers who think its fun. Did you see me yelling at anyone in that GG thread?

I have one suggestion which you shouldn’t have a problem with:

How 'bout dumbing it down for mass market appeal? :wink:

Yer sill…oh wait, I promised not to yell at you. :D

Actually its not hard - once you get to learn the ropes. Just take it at your own pace and you’ll be fine.

Thats just a myth perpetrated by clueless wankers who think its fun.


Linky, linky, oh so stinky . . .

Thats just a myth perpetrated by clueless wankers who think its fun.


Linky, linky, oh so stinky . . .[/quote]

Nice try. As if your stalking hadn’t already marked you as an Internet kook who takes posts out of context and plasters them on a website. Any jackass can do that - and they do that everyday.

At least I’m famous enough to warrant the attention of time wasting morons who, so far, haven’t succeeded in stiffling anything I do, regardless of the libel and character assassination attempts. I certainly know how Bill Gates, George Bush et al feel. :roll:

Its old. Get over it. Or not. Fool.

No you did not yell at anyone at Gone Gold. And those who were knocking the game seem to be doing it with no real examples of why they dislike it. There was a lot of, “Its just not a good game.” The fact that you have kept the series alive for lo these many years after the now infamous launch should shut some of those naysayers up. I guess that fact is glossed right over. You gotta love the anon. links.

Now that my Derek lovefest is over.

All BC games suck ass!!! Why? Just 'cause!!


hehe, indeed

btw, if you’re in the UK, pick up next month’s Edge magazine, there is a pretty long interview in there with me - and it talks about that farce.


doh! You’re in AL. The closest you’re going to get to the UK, is the fridge. :D

Derek, something I thought about.

I’ve never played any of your previous games, though BCG does seem right up my alley. One thing I do wonder is if you are going to have a thorough tutorial in it. Yes, I know, read the documentation, etc. But even so, an in-game tutorial seems to be something that would greatly benefit a game as complex as BCG seems to be because a hands on demonstration is always better than having to look through the manual.

The reason I’m asking is because I remembered that I actually have the demo to BCM somewhere around here, and the lack of a tutorial was probably the main reason why I never could get into the game. To many buttons to keep track of, and it was only a demo so the time investment seemed too much.

Now please don’t flame me. Pretty please? :)

There will be a much improved tutorial for BCG. It won’t be an in-game one, so don’t ask. :D

Let me just go on record and say an in-game tutorial would probably make a huge difference, Derek, in customer satisfaction.

Heck, when I played BCM, I got so frustrated with the parts of the interface initially that had I not been reviewing it I may have just lost patience. Once I got over the hump, it was fine. But I can imagine some players just giving up and shoving it back in the box and returning it to EB for something more immediately accessible.

I’m not saying your interface is bad, but it’s certainly unique. And thus, any boost you can give new users would be beneficial to them as players and to you as a game producer. The shuttle example I mentioned earlier… Figuring out that you have to get your guy down there, as well as the other requirements… New users are likely to just click on the shuttle and go “why ain’t it launching?”


Since this is getting off-topic, I have responded here.

Erik, can you do the same please? By deleting your post and re-posting it? Cheers m8