Is Gone Gold Gone?

Posted by Derek Smart

That closed thread is a classic example of how some wanker (see that post by Goldchamp) is quick to point the finger when the thread itself is a clear indication of the flow of events. I mean, he comes up with But if you must bash everyone here who posts, I can and will ban you so fast your warp drive will hurt. . I was chuckling so hard at that twat’s obvious loose grip on contextual rhetoric, that I felt more embarrassed for him than I was pissed. But hey, every peon gets his day on the job I suppose. And you get what you pay for I guess.

Yawn. Derek, like you claim, I am above this. If you would like to discuss this rationally, my email addy is in my profile. Posting about me at a board I don’t even visit ( a friend gave me this link) doesn’t resolve anything and makes you look petty. I’d love to resolve this in a adult and rational matter. Feel free to email me anytime


Interesting. I guess they didn’t learn the lesson of Sega’s attempt at an add-on CD-ROM unit with the Genesis.

Whoops, somehow the above post appeared in the completely wrong thread. I was replying to a post on the DD64 in another thread… Weird shit.