Is Halo PC still worth playing through?

I wasn’t into gaming when Halo for the Xbox and then the PC version came out, so I never really got to play them. So recently I was playing some of the older classics, like Half-life 1 and the Opposing Force expansion, and Starcraft, and Diablo II. I was just wondering if it’s still possible for Halo to impress with the recent great FPS games like HL2, Riddick, Far Cry, Call of Duty, UT2004, etc.? Do any of you still play it even after Halo 2 came out?



It was never a spectacular game (on PC) to begin with. With more time in between now and when the game came out, it’s seems far less impressive now.

That said, it’s not a bad game, still.


Long repetitive corridors.
Boring Visuals.
The gunfights get boring after a while.
The story wasn’t that fantastic.

Go play Half-Life 2 instead.

I thought you were describing HL2 there for a moment. :P

Seriously though… Halo on PC isn’t very good. Its an ok game. If you happen to own it, (say got if free with a hardware upgrade) I say go ahead and play it. There are some fun parts but don’t go out looking for it. Doom 3, painkiller, and yes even half life 2 are better than Halo.

Oh come on, Half-Life 2 replaces Halo’s two long boring corridors with a much longer boring boat ride with frequent pit stops. And then throws in a somewhat shorter but still boring buggy ride with the same exact stops, except one time there’s a magnet.

And Halo’s story is just fine. Some well-acted characters. And an appropriately climactic ending, for goddamn once.

Halo > Half-life 2 on everything but the graphics.

Whoa. Really? I must have been playing a different Halo then. Maybe mine was broken.

3 > 2
[size=6]☺[/size] + [size=6]☻[/size] = [size=7]●[/size]

I haven’t played it on the ECHZ BACHZ. I really don’t care about boring corridors, or anything. It just was not fun at all. Once I had to follow that blue light bulb well things came after me I was sick of it. If you don’t think HL2 is better then you probably think Far Cry is better. The fact is, there are plenty of things that are better. I can realize settling for a FPS when you’re on a console, especially one that is easy and fun to play on the console, though doing the same on a PC is just absurd.

That seems like a reason to watch a game play video of Halo with the combat taken out. No one, not even child rapists should have to play Halo on the PC.

Good call on Far Cry. Its the best out there at the moment.

Then why do half of the people here say that the game seriously bogs down in its second half?

I am really tempted to get Far Cry (25.99 Canadian at Walmart) but all I hear is how good it is at the beginning and how oh so wrong it is near the end.

Hell, I still didn’t get through it. That’s probably because I’ve had it on my brothers computer and need to wait until he gets off to play it. The main thing is you’ll think you’re done about 4 or 5 times during the game, so after awhile you just want to find the final boss so you can blow his brains out. Everything else about the game vechicles, guns, the save system was perfect for me.

The story stops developing after 2/3rds of the game and becomes a standard grind. The difficulty kicks up a bit and since the game only uses save points, people tend to get pissed off at the game. Save anywhere would of really saved the game’s popular image. That said, I blew through the game in one week and never found it that difficult. There was always more than one way through an area and with some thought, you could descrease the difficulty of some combat situations.

Far Cry is totally awesome. it’s gorgeous, immersive, challenging, and it gives you about as much freedom as you’re likely to find in a story-driven/ mission-based FPS. I’d say it’s right alongside Goldeneye and Half-Life.

If it had iron sights and coop, it’d be just about perfect. WOULDN’T IT, PARTLETT?!?!

Halo might be worth playing for the cultural knowledge, though I prefer the Xbox version.

Far Cry’s a great ice-skating and cloud-floating sim, too. I don’t know how people stand to play it with the feel of the movement and weapons.

Ugh, Far Cry. I hate you as a person if you like that game.


I enjoyed Halo a lot for the first half, then it just got too damn repetitive. If they had made every level like The Silent Cartographer level, with a good mix of indoors and outdoors, vehicles and on foot, then it would’ve been awesome. Instead someone decided, “Woo! We can make the game arbitrarily longer if we just repeat the same corridors over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over…”

And he never stopped saying it. I think Bungie has him locked in a closet somewhere.

See what I mean? It is split almost half and half. And the complaints against it are pretty legit (unlike the HL2 complaints). But the people who like it say its awesome and exciting. So, its a tough call even at 25.99.

No complaints against the greatness that is Halo are even remotely legit, completely unlike the complaints against Half-Life 2, all of which are certifiably true.

It’s worth playing, just to get a save at the beginning of the Library, and can come back and just blast things on that level any time you have a bad day at work.

I also have to say that , though it’s mindless compared to some newer MP games, it is good fun driving the Puma…er Warthogs.