Is Hunters 2 a 21st century X-Com?

Title Is Hunters 2 a 21st century X-Com?
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When July 20, 2012

X-Com was a child of its time. It was a brilliant exercise in taking the basic idea of Aliens, which is the basic idea of Space Hulk, and expressing it with Microprose's gleeful love of numbers, courtesy of 90s era computer game design..

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Tom, since I know you only play iOS games on an iPod Touch, have you found the small screen size an issue at all while playing Hunters? It strikes me more as an iPad kind of game.

Your intel is out of date. He just got an Ipad. See here:

Qt3 Games Podcast: have iPad, won’t travel

Hunters is a good little game, I picked it up recently to help make the wait for the Firaxis X-Com bearable. Are you playing the daily contracts as well as the campaign? It's a shame the campaign is so short. I also think the manufacturing is rather shallow, but I guess that's in line with the length of the game. I'd still recommend it to anyone who feels October 19th is a long way away.

Hey Tom, did you forget to put a score, or was this not actually a review?

How do you find the IAP in the game? Fair?

Sounds fun - would love to give them my money if they brought this out for any other platform.

Your D&D statistics are curiously accurate...

Oh, it's not a review. Just an observation about how they do the weapons.

There really aren't any in-app purchases. You can buy money for a leg-up, which is annoying in the same way EA does it, but they're not trying to sell you stuff constantly.

I can't get past the boss in the campaign. Mission 8, I think. What the heck am I supposed to do there?

So I've been playing the daily contracts, which is plenty to keep me occupied. It also effectively makes this an endless game. Or at least one with enough content to where I might one day reach the end of the tech tree for my characters.

Jarmo is correct, David. I am now thoroughly iPadded! Does Hunters even run on an iPhone?

Yay! Thanks.

In AD&D 1e a bastard sword did 2d4, didn't it?

Edit: no, that would be a broadsword. I fail.