Is Iran Planning on Aping Hitler?

Emerging reports seem to indicate that Iran’s legislature has passed legislation that will compel Jews, Christians, and Zorastrians to wear colour-coded identifying bands on their clothing.

Sounds familiar to me, and if this is true, I really don’t understand why they would seek to draw the inevitable parallels with the Nazi regime that had similar legislation in place. It’s as if they want to revel in their “rogue” state status. They’re actually WALLOWING in it.

Lovely. It’s okay though, we have to respect their politicial and societal differences. This clearly is happening because of something the West did in 1950.

Yeah, The National Post, I don’t recommend lending too much credence to this source.

That article quotes a large number of people all of whom clearly take the underlying legislative situation as correct. You may not like this source, but do you really think it’s not true?

EDIT the Canadian Jewish Congress mirrors the story on their site, with their quote in bold, so they clearly think it’s real.

Contrary view, in the interest of fairness and stuff:

I lean towards the idea that the original story is propaganda or wishful thinking by Iran haters, but who knows? I don’t.

First they came for the Zoroastrians…

Hopefully this is true. But even if it is, it’s too late. The story has already gone to the usual neocon sites, and the communities were whipped into a frenzy.

Hilariously ironic, since the neocons aren’t exactly bastions of tolerance. Any excuse to rattle the saber, I guess.

Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. Knowing that Bush is likely seeking causus belli for war with Iran, and already making preparations for bombing, I’d need better and more sources before I would believe such classic propaganda were true.

The one single source for this is an expatriate Iranian in Canada. Something I knew well before the Iraq invasion, that the war should have taught everyone: never trust expatriate testimony. This is especially true of Iranian expatriates, the vast majority of whom are living outside of Iran because they oppose the government.

Of course, just like the Iraqi expatriates, they have good reason to oppose the Iranian government, but they tend to be extremely biased and have no qualms about making up stories from whole cloth, as happened repeatedly during the lead up to the Iraq invasion.

For the propagators, the great thing about this story is that it will spread through the right wing blogs like wildfire, but any news that it isn’t true will not. The meme will then seep into people’s minds, and become fact through repetition, just like the “fact” that Saddam kicked the UN inspectors out of Iraq started to appear even in usually respectable news media in the run up to the Iraq war.

The propagandists know well that a fact doesn’t have to be true to become a “fact” in the eyes of believers. This is great for kick starting a crusade, but not much use for people wanting balanced policy decisions being made.

Edit: never mind, the rest of the thread made my point for me.

This is discriminatory! Atheists don’t get a color!

How about grey?

Does anybody here actually find this hard to believe, though? Sounds like the logical next step for Iran. That said, I’d sure like to find out if it’s true.

From Debkafile of all places comes this:

The Iranian draft law which raised a world uproar was obtained Friday night, May 19, by DEBKAfile, and proved to contain no clause on a Yellow Star for Jews or special dress for non-Muslim minorities in its 13-clause text

Haroun Yeshaya, until recently head of Iran’s Jewish Committee, denied knowledge of such a clause.

However, the law has not been finally enacted, and speakers in the majlis debate proposed that non-Muslim minorities be made to wear distinctive clothes, yellow being the preferred color for Jews.

The bill in question aims primarily at countering the revolt against black Muslim dress as the hot summer approaches and Iranians – especially women - take to light clothing. At the end of the majlis debate, the final draft will be put to the vote; with or without the proposed discriminatory clauses remains to be seen.

Weird enough without the colored clothing.

Nice find, thanks.

Looks like it’s posturing that got spun for effect. Point: metta.

Hey let me put it to you this way… if any of the stated people are actually living in Iran then you know what? They deserve it. For reals and shit.

You have gotta be fucking insane to be living in Iran and not be like muslim and shit.

You also gotta be insane to be a muslim and shit. Everybody there is insane. It’s insane people beating up on insane people. My sympathies lean towards the people being beaten up on. You’re insane to say they deserve it, so I guess it’s spreading. Sure, they shouldn’t be surprised when shit like this happens - but deserve? Shut up, penis.

Didn’t the nazi’s crib the jew-badging idea from muslim history in the first place?

Whatever dude if you are trying to live in Iran and go against the grain as it may be you reap what you sow. Its not as if Iran just sprang up as a hard line country one day. Its like been this way for how many years now?