Is it hot enough for ya?

Heat kills 28.

In the frickin’ 90s here in Seattle.

No one who is able to get into or out of a bathtub / shower should be dying of heat.

They’ve cranked up the AC here at work. I’m slowly freezing to death.

Why do they do that??

So the data doesn’t melt?

Guys in the office want to see some nipple action.

Steve’s right, better put electrical tape over those puppies.

I find the temperatures in Sweden unbearable. Where is the coolest civilized spot on earth? I think I’ll have to consider my options and move there if the heat trend continues.


What temp is it?

Here, it was 100 with an index of 105. And no, it is NOT a dry heat.

Hah. In Austin it will be under 100 degrees tomorrow. Relatively cool.

Hit 39C/102F with the humidity this week in Toronto.

Been 100+ in the Sacto area for about over a week now but at least it’s a dry heat.

The 29C here will be nothing to most of you, but if it’s hot enough to crash my video card while playing HL2, it’s too hot as far as I’m concerned.

It only got up to 75 in my part of San Francisco. My upstairs neighbors have all the windows and doors open and are complaining about the heat. Heh.

Today’s high here on top of Italy Hill in the lovely Finger Lakes region of New York was a sweltering 76F with 80% RH. Tomorrow is forecast to be a balmy 72F with even higher RH. I might have to turn on the heat tomorrow night, since it’s supposed to be a low of 59F and will be even lower since I live on, well, Italy Hill.

Damn this heat.

It felt like it was that hot today in Vancouver. Supposedly, it was only 37, but it felt a hellofa lot hotter than that.

Was 96 F, “feels like 103”, here in Central Jersey a few days ago, cause of the goddamned humidity. Today it actually dropped to around 80-something, “feels like the deepest part of the sweltering Amazon rainforest”, just before the torrential downpours and lightning started. You’d think the humidity would break after the rains, but no, it just gets worse.

You’re all sissies.

It’s usually between 40-50C here in Dubai around midday until around 2-3 am. I even caught a picture on my mobile of my car showing the temperature at 54C. Then it drops down to the 30s.

Yeah, but is it a dry heat at least?

When I went out to dinner earlier with my parents, it was 108. It’s supposed to get into the 110-115 range this weekend. :(