Is it IKEA furniture or a black metal band?

IKEA is that friendly shop where you get cheap furniture from the inside of a giant, unending warehouse. Black metal is the kind of music that sounds like someone screaming while trapped inside a burning church. They each possess a fervent fan base. And to tell you the truth, the names of the furniture in IKEA sound a lot like the names of black metal bands. Consider this quiz an educational way to learn the difference between the two. It doesn’t matter if you know who Burzum is or if you’ve ever sat in a Preben chair – it’s time to have some kvlt fun. Death to false furniture!

I only got 11 out of 20. Very sad.

I did OK:

You scored 15 out of 20!
Congrats you are…

You know that Furkantig means “square” in Swedish to describe the candles that you have on your altar. And above it? The raddest picture of Euronymous ever. Seriously, you scare children and their parents alike, all while wowing them with your design sense. Please check out our agency site. We’d be honored.

Until the light takes us, Your friends at Gatesman+Dave.

I feel so tyhmä:

You scored 8 out of 20!

Congrats you are…

You’re the kind of person who likes to rattle off their favorite designers and bands, but can’t name more than one song. Quit buying t-shirts for bands you’ve never heard of and relying on TV designers for your sense of style. And hey, why not check out the web site of the agency who made this?

Maybe pick up a few old Mayhem records this weekend, Your friends at Gatesman+Dave.

I’m surprised I got that many.

Beat this:

Congrats you are…
True Kvlt.

Either you work at IKEA or you played drums for Bathory, because your knowledge is at the level of dare we say it, the cloven hooved one himself. That’s right, we’re talking about Ingvar Kamprad. We’re almost afraid to ask you to peep out our agency site. But please do, oh dark master.

We bow to you, Your friends at Gatesman+Dave.

Same here, gmonkey. 17/20. Actually sorta disappointed in myself, but I guess that my black metal knowledge is a little lacking compared to death, power, and prog metal. Was pretty pumped to see Taake, though :D


17 is the same rank as 18 then. I wonder what you get from a 19 or a 20.

Varg steps out of your computer and burns down the nearest church.

14 of 20, and I don’t know anything about black metal.

15 out of 20. You don’t need to know about black metal, I’m just pretty familiar with Ikea furniture and the crazy names they have.