Is it just me

… or does Horatio Cain have paedo tendencies?

I think you’ll find you’re the only one still watching Miami, after that youtube made the rest of realise exactly how ridiculous the whole thing is.

I haven’t watched much of CSI: Miami, so I’m curious where you picked up on that.

I’m not sure what that youtube was, but all of the CSIs are watched in my house.


Nearly every episode features a (newly-orphaned) kid and ends with Cain proffering words of kindly wisdom. It’s creepy.

Stop watching.

This is that youtube.

Funny when other actors make fun of it, as well.


I wish I could, but we run our house as a kind of micro Anarcho-syndicalist experiment in which the TV is a communal object that we all have equal say in the watching of. Unfortunately for me, two-thirds of us are CSI fans. Ho hum.