Is it me or does Madden 360 not look that great?

that comic rules.


It, and the story it references, are so true.


New video looks a LOT better but still a lot of problems.

Note no sound on this vid.


Still looks mostly like hi-res version of the current Madden. Guess they arn’t going to trot out a really upgraded game untill next year when the PS3 is out.

Parts of that new video look nice like the crowd, the lighting, texturing etc. They even lost the wide receivers with giant heads thing and the bodies look like they are reasonable for each player type. However the animation still blows which really kills all the other good stuff.

– Xaroc

I don’t know WHAT is going on with the next Madden. There was that (admittedly) prerendered “target video” way back that looked so cool. The game itself looks nothing like it.

In the Xbox 360 fan circles, it’s widely derided as a piece of junk that is totally not “next gen” at all and an embarassment to the platform.

I dunno, is this embarrassing to the 360?:

And the notoriously fickle GAF boards seem to be getting excited…

Mexico plays American Football?? :shock:

Ron Mexico does.

The Sunday night game last week between the Cardinals and the 49ers was played in Mexico to promote the NFL there.

I take it you don’t watch much football? :)


I have to disagree.

This picture looks amazing:

As does this:

I don’t think you should be basing your opinions on highly compressed videos.

Bully for you Jose, I don’t think you should base your opinions on nicely posed screenshots. Nor do I think we should base our opinions of the game on videos that might not represent the final product, I don’t know what stage of development that video I saw was. But I do know that some artifacts and video compression don’t interfere with my opinion that the animations in that video looked completely horrible.


I’m in the camp that is sick of “posed” shots that are woefully unrepresentative of actual gameplay.